Predestined Love

This is a poem that I wrote not to long ago. I was thinking about Romoe and Juliet for some odd reason (and Stan, our play you me and Tracy did! LoL) and it made me come up with this idea for this poem. I dunno, just read it!

In the lives they lived together,
Sharing, loving, hand in hand,
Trying to stay faithful to each other,
Escaping to their promised land.
Endangered lives just for their freedom,
Wanting loved ones not destined theirs,
Striving only to be together,
Be with the one who always cares.
Smiling faces with each other,
Laying gently in their beds,
Arms wrapped in loving embraces,
Raunchy thoughts going through their heads.
Heartbreak as their torn away,
From the lives they've learned to share,
Complained to their people about it,
Found out no one really cares.
Watching each other go by slowly,
On a separate wedding day,
Married to ones that have no feeling,
Hoping the other one was okay.
Tears streaming down her face,
His heart aching with the fire,
Of the pain of losing each other,
The pain of hopeless, lustful desire.