Rhyming Love

This is the title poem for my story "Rhyming Love" which is now 56 pages long and should be finished within the next month or so, I hope! Wel anyway, I think it's okay so enjoy it!

When our eyes had first met,
You were the best I'd seen yet,
My thoughts and loves would not regret
The taste of rhyming love.
The words I that would not dare say,
Have been expressed in a poem way,
I just want us to know today,
The meaning of rhyming love.
I would love to hold you tight,
And kiss you tender through the night,
And when we were done, we just might,
Know our rhyming love.
I love your hair; I love your smile,
I feel like I've know you all the while,
My love for you extends a mile
Within our rhyming love.
I just want to tell you, dear,
How much I love you when I hear,
Those soft words not spoken in mere,
Awe of rhyming love.
I love you with mind, body, and heart
And to let you know from the start,
Together we will always be a part
Of our own rhyming love!