Oh boy, this was a poem I wrote BEFORE I was going out with ex, and that was a long time ago! About ten months or soemthing, LoL. I remember clearig writing this poem, remembering how angry I was that the secret that I liked him got out...

This my secret,
For no one else but me.
But some how people get past
My guards.
Everything comes out,
About the new guy I like,
And then, she promises not to tell.
And doesn't.
At school,
A girl talks to me
About him, and I say we're friends,
And it's out.
My other friend's sister now knows,
Who tells her mother
On accident, she says,
And she spills
To his mom and his sister,
But not to him
At least not yet,
I think.
I call up my friend, and she tells me
Everyone knows, and
Roars through me
Like rushing rapids, and I want
To kill her sister.
This was supposed to be my secret, but
Now it is