This is poem I wrote when I was contemplating the meaing of life...err..LoL, I was thinking about how corrupted our scoiety is.

God made the oceans; God made the sea,
God made the grass, and he made you and me,
So why do we feel the need to maim,
Each other when we're all the same?
Goods are stolen, banks are robbed
Towns are burned and stones are lobbed,
Even schools are no longer sheltered,
From the pain that's helter-skelter.
Children are killed everyday,
What's the reason? No one can say.
People gossip, back stab, lie
Words are exchanged and bullets fly.
Drugs are a famous notoriety,
But they still are accepted as a part of society.
And the thing is no one gives a fuck,
About the anger that has run amuck
And the rage that goes on everyday
But you know there is a better way.
If people started being nice,
Maybe by giving the poor some rice
By giving time and helping out,
That's what being a person is all about.
I hope this poem has made you see,
What has become of our techno-society.
So by giving someone a hat or a glove,
We can win back what our society is really missing. Love.