By:Andrew Troy Keller

It is said that Christmas is a time of being with those who you love the most in life.
Surprisingly enough,that old saying is true,for while I was waiting inside Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for my flight back to Chicago,a beautiful blonde had sat down next to me.
I've told her that my name is Jason Langley and that I was a writer for a comic-book company that is based in Chicago.
Believe me,folks.Both my name and occupation are true.
As are her name(Sharon Braddon)and occupation(head script writer for the local TV station's morning newscast).
While we were still waiting,we were telling each other what our likes and dislikes are and stuff like that.
Then,after they had announced that our flight was going to be delayed until the next day,Sharon had came up with a very good idea.
We had walked in the falling snow to the nearby Sheraton Hotel and checked our selves in for the night.
After we had each signed the hotel register,the manager had informed us that only room that was left available was one of the single bed rooms,which was okay with us.
After we had entered our room and gotten out of our wet clothes,we had looked at each other's bare bodies and began to experience a moment of true erotic passion.
After it was over,we had looked at each other,smiled and wished each other a Merry Christmas.