Shades of Grey

© 2002 - Black Tangled Heart


Holding onto your promise

(shaking with anxiety)

Wishing that your hand would find mine

And the phone would ring, letting your sweet voice be

My serenade

(oh sweet impassioned melody, oh sinfully rich kiss)

I watch the snow fall outside my window

Crystalline against a pale azure velvet

Only to bleed

into the soiled brown grime that lines the ploughed streets

I have been pushed aside;

(away from you, you who I love)


Now tarnished by the false hope

That you will hold me

(please hold me)

I cannot comprehend your dishonesty and why

The rampant swirls of neon beams and thumping bass lines

Reverberating from onyx stereos

(do you see that girl there with

the lavender irises?

How she sways her hips?

I miss you so)

Is more appealing than the alabaster love inside my heart

I see you in black and white, longing to blur the lines

And cover you with pewter kisses, abandoning


(sweat glistening on my palms, my heart

pounding inside my chest)

Until that day I will wait, with saline-streaked cheeks

Listening to the snowfall and wishing for your embrace

(Oh sinfully rich kiss

please hold me)