By:Andrew Troy Keller

To some,chance is not just everything.
In the subject of true love,chance is the only thing.
This is a tale
Of a love that was never so frail.
A love that,from the heart,it really sings.

Hollywood had welcomed someone new.
Her name was Daisy Blue.
So far,she had enjoyed the game
Entitled the Price of Fame.
But then,she had met someone new.

He was a handsome duke,
Whose name was Luke.
And once he had laid eyes on Daisy Blue,
He had indeed knew
That she was not a fluke.

And so,within the town of Merry,
They had gotten married.
Daisy and Luke.
Daisy Blue and her duke.
Who had gotten married
within the town of Merry.

And so,that is why,on the romance thing,
That chance could not be everything.
It is true.
Just go ask Daisy Blue,
And listen to that romance sing.