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Dragon's Spirit

Shadows Of The Future

The sun shone brightly in a cloudless blue sky as a gentle breeze rippled through the lush green grass. The cheerful sound of songbirds filled the open forest glade with a sense of peace and tranquility. Two hatchings, their scales glimmering like jewels in the sunlight, played joyfully in the long, soft grass without a care in the world.

They rolled around on the ground, nipping playfully at each other, orange and sapphire eyes shining with delight. The silver colored hatchling broke out of their wrestling match and darted off across the meadow, the gold squealed and followed, and they raced towards the trees.

Suddenly, a dark figure materialized before them, a silhouette of darkness with glowing coals where its eyes should have been. The hatchlings squeaked in terror, flapping hard to get airborne, but the intruder raised its arms over its head and a flash of blood red obscured the area and all that could be heard was a maniacal laughter, echoing in the now deserted clearing.


Songwind drifted lazily in the air above the canyon, about to set off on her patrol. It had been eight years since the return of the Jeweled Dragons to the Lumisarra, their mountain home. She had become one of the Protectors, a sort of guard unit that watched the area around the mountains.

"Song! Song!" someone shouted.

She twirled around in midair, luminescent emerald eyes searching the skies to the east. A familiar jade green form was racing through the sky at top speed to where she hovered, awaiting its arrival.

"Jade! What's wrong?" she called back, concern tainting her generally smooth, melodic voice.

The aforementioned green came a a halt before her, panic filling his yellow eyes, "Two of the hatchlings are missing! We can't find them anywhere and none of the returning patrol saw them!"

"Calm down, we'll find them," Song said, trying in vain to sooth his agitation, "now, what happened?"

"It's Amberstar and Silversteel, Aumeth's hatchlings," Jade explained, "they were playing in the forest, I believe, and they probably strayed further than they were supposed to, knowing those two. And now they're gone!"

Song considered this, thinking back to that surge of strange energy she'd felt earlier that day.right when the sunrise patrol was coming in.

"Follow me," she stated, folding back her enormous wings and plummeting like a red gold comet towards the green forest below.

"Wait! Song!" Jade shouted after her, then, knowing she probably wouldn't stop even if she could hear him, followed Song in a more sedate spiral.

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