Maria- Isabella

She ran along the sidewalk, she ran extremely fast, as fast as her little legs would carry her. The car kept on following her. The little girl was exhausted, hungry and frightened. Her black hair tossed with every step she took, her tattered brown dress swayed like trees in a wind and she kept on running. She came to a traffic light, it was red; she could turn in the bushes, but the car seemed to ignore the traffic lights and continue.

The little girl was determined to cross the road, no matter what, even if it cost her, her life. She crossed the road and stopped in the middle of the other lane. It was like she wanted to stop her life, right there and then.

A police officer was travelling at 120km/hr, listening to Limp Bizkit. Then he saw her and stopped, it was a very hard brake and the car nearly rolled over, but he stopped right in front of the little girl. The police officer got down, he was amazed that she was not crying or screaming. He neared her and she backed away. He stopped, crouched and said, 'what is your name little girl?' She continued to stare. Then she suddenly turned her head. She saw the car that had been following her. The beige car was reversing in a petrol station. The girl pointed at the car and cried 'Amigo, Amigo!' The police officer realized she was in trouble and grabbed the girl. He lifted her into his car.

The beige car followed them until dusk, and then it turned away. The police officer took the girl to his house. 'Daniel', he called. A tall, freckle faced boy with braces and spiky golden hair entered the room. He had blue eyes and looked about sixteen. 'Yes dad', he said not taking his eyes away from the little girl. 'I need you to do me a favour, talk to this girl in Spanish and learn more about her', said the police officer firmly. 'But.' Daniel started. 'Just do it!' 'Fine' Daniel surrendered.

He turned to the little girl and in Spanish he talked to her. The conversation went on for about ten minutes until Daniel turned around to face his dad. 'Well?' 'She is twelve year old and lives in Ireland.' began Daniel. 'What is she doing her in England?' asked the cop in surprise. 'Well, she said something about a car.' 'About a car chasing her?' interrupted the cop. 'Yes, that was her step dad, he wanted to murder her!' cried Daniel. 'Why was he chasing her then?' asked the confused cop. 'Well dad, it's a bit obvious; he wanted to corner her, and then kill her. He probably didn't think she could run such a long way' Daniel said sadly. 'What's her name?' said the cop. 'Maria-Isabella Garcia' replied Daniel.

Weeks past then months, Maria-Isabella went to school and learnt English. She made a lot of friends who liked her immensely. The teacher liked her and she was a very capable student who was very enthusiastic in class. Daniel became really close to her and they became inseparable.

One day, when all the children were having art, there was a knock on the door. The door opened and a man stood there, holding a gun. Maria-Isabella looked up and there she saw her step dad. He wore black trousers, a black shirt, black, polished shoes, black glasses and his head was shaved.

She ran quickly to the back door and ran to Daniel's classroom which was a floor lower. She burst into the class without excusing herself, but no one minded because she was welcome. She explained the case to Daniel and they both excused themselves.

They rant downstairs trying to escape. They reached the front of the school building. A lady dressed in black appeared at the door. She pointed a gun at Mari-Isabella.

'Good night sweetie, sweet dreams honey and go to hell!' she said wickedly.