Various Couplets

The fall in Vermont makes me irate,
Don't they have trees in their own state?

I wonder if teachers would always smile,
If they had homework once in a while?

These men are annoying, I wish it would be,
Football they were viewing instead of me.

This fist will put her in her place,
And slap that smile off her conceited face.

When hatred burns like a raging fire,
Is when wars are started and men conspire.

Maybe if vegetables were made to taste good,
Then kids would grow the way they should.

I think I would have to be a barbarian,
To ever become a vegetarian.

Remember men, though stronger we find,
It was women God gave the better mind.

Why do chickens run around with no head,
Instead of decently lying down dead?

In other's lives we do make a mark,
We may seem dim, but we have our own spark.

If my animal's didn't have the make to thrive,
Then trust me, they would not be alive.

Nothing will ever taste better then chicken,
It's yummy, it's tasteful, it's finger lickin'!

With a cold black nose and pleading eyes,
My schnauzer begs for chicken thighs.

Who is the one that dares to judge me?
If looks deceive, then don't believe what you see.