Unseen tears sheds over her unaffected heart
By those fond fools that hopelessly chase
Unfelt touches contacts her soft, perfect skin
By those proud people that never surrender
Unheard sounds reach her uncaring ears
By those loud lads that keep on shouting
Scentless smells reaches her defunct nose
By arrogant apprentices that reek of affection
Silent words spoke from her soul deep inside
Heard only in the crevices of human existence
Empty gifts from her outstrecthed, pretty hands
Seen by the idiots and morons of the sun
Who never stops, never listens, never obeys
To the destiny that yields all of us who
Incite in our hearts the servile strength
To be the fond fool, proud people, loud lads
Arrogant apprentices in the crevices of existence

But I am surely different for
I will change my own destiny