Authors note: - I hate Christmas. Now don't get me wrong, the day itself is perfectly fine and dandy but the whole time leading up to it is hell. This time of year above any other point I hate people the most. So I feel like Elwyn does in this fic. Only I wish I could do what he does. This isn't very long but I think it's sorta amusing.

The Yule Gist

Bodies flooded the over stocked stores as people battled over toys and rushed about with harried looks. Christmas music droned in every store and was only a distant sound over the din the individuals made. A darkly clad man cut through the crowds with a threatening look and three young girls clamoring about him. He looked nothing remotely like the parents that surrounded him and his children also stood out. They were all dressed for the unusual cold December weather, him in a full length leather trench coat and the girls in more fluffy, furry fair.

One of the girls had an expression on her fact that echoed her father. She held his hand stoically and plodded along as if the mall was the last place on earth she wanted to be at that moment. Her hair was pure white with a few curls and her bright blue eyes were just as cold as the snow outside. On the other side of the man was a sharply different child who appeared to be slightly older and also held his hand. She wore a cheerful smile and beamed happily at every one who passed. Her hair was pure black and slightly more curly than her sisters. The girl's eyes were equally black but just as warm as her smile and unlike her two sisters she wore a velvet black dress with bright white tights.

The man occasionally glanced over his shoulder at the last of the girls. She hung back slightly but was close enough that it was easily apparent that she was part of their group. Her auburn hair hung over her eyes and masked most of her face. Only a few streaks of light gold and bronze kept her hair from appearing boring. She was dressed in almost the same jeans, coat and boots getup as the white haired girl. Her expression wasn't apparent but she kept looking about in a guarded fashion that no child should have.

As they passed the heart of the mall that contained the resident Santa and crew the cheerful girl came to a stop and pointed to the large man in red. "Look Dad Santa."

"There is not such thing as Santa and you know that Lilly." He replied darkly.

Her smile never faded. "I know, but I want to talk to him."

"Why?" Her father asked in a slightly puzzled tone.

"So that I can tell him what I want for Christmas and you can get it for me." She grinned up at him.

He thought about that for a moment then shrugged, giving in. "Sure, it's easier than trying to read your mind."

"And Mom won't yell at you for it." She began dragging him towards the long line.

The other girls didn't seem as happy about the prospect but followed without any complaints. They arrived at the back of the line that consisted mostly of mothers with children and only a few bored looking fathers. Most of the moms at least had enough tact to keep their faces blank.

"Are you going to join me Bella?" Lilly asked her white haired sister cheerfully.

"Why would I want to sit on the lap of some fat stranger?" Bella sneered.

"So Dad can find out what you want too!" She replied as if the answer was obvious to all.

"Not unless Morragon does it too." Bella said glanced behind her to the last sister.

"Ok." The previously silent child remarked with a slight smile.

"Ok what?" Their dad asked frowning down at her.

"I'll sit on his lap." Morragon said with her unusual smile.

"Good!" Lilly said jumping up and down happily.

The group lapsed back into silence as they waited. It didn't last long because the father shortly remarked. "What is that hideous stench!?"

The girls looked around curiously noses to the air. Each quickly caught a whiff of what had offended their father and in tern adopted a disgusted look. Bella openly gagged and seemed to have difficulty breathing.

"Perfume!" Morragon said covering her nose with the sleeve of her sweater.

"And it's coming from her!" Lilly said pointing at a woman just slightly ahead of them in the line.

The woman turned having heard their less than subtle conversation. She scowled at them darkly and started to turn away but their father spoke up again.

"Ma'am, your wearing so much perfume my child is having difficulty breathing." He said frowning at her.

"I'm not wearing too much!" She snapped turning her back to him.

Bella continued to gag and buried her face in her father's leg, he went on. "Every one here can smell it!"

She steadfastly ignored him. Lilly innocently piped up. "Why do people wear perfume?"

"To cover the smell of their slow decay." He told her in an angry voice.

The woman whirled about in a rage. "It's Casmir for your information! A very expensive very nice perfume that my husband got for me! And you shouldn't say such things in front of children! What kind of horrible father are you!?"

His eyes narrowed from behind his dark sunglasses. Lilly gripped his hand tightly. "You're not supposed to fight with humans Dad."

He growled at her, a sound more suited for a wolf. The woman flinched at the sound, startled by the inhuman quality. He kept staring at her darkly, an expression that freely expressed his loathing for her. She turned away and struggled to regain her composer. At her side her young son huddled into her fearfully. Under the weight of his gaze she quickly folded and picked up her child, all but fleeing out of the line and into the safety of the mall proper. With the woman and her offensive odor gone Bella soon began to breathe easier.

"Are you alright?" He asked her in a soft tender voice that didn't fit the look he had been giving the woman a few short moments ago.

"My head hurts." She whimpered.

"Stupid humans." He grumbled picking her up and holding her to his chest. She cuddled into him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"I hate them." She mumbled into his long black hair.

"Don't say that, your sisters human and you don't hate her." He said softly, petting her hair.

"Yeah, but she's not like them. She's different." Bella pouted even though he couldn't see.

"Of course I'm different." Morragon remarked. "I wouldn't want to be like them. Their sheep... Right Elwyn?"

Their father nodded. "Yes, they are."

"Mom's going to be mad." Lilly said folding her arms over her little chest, with an attempt at a grown up look.

"And why is that Lilly?" Elwyn asked smiling down at her softly.

"She says that she don't want you to raise us pre-prejudice." She stumbled over the large word but managed to get it out.

"Donovan says the same stuff so it doesn't matter. We can just say we learned it from him." Morragon remarked with a casual wave of her hand.

"You shouldn't lie." He said to her.

"But it's not a lie! It's just not the truth!" She shot back.

"That's it. Donovan isn't babysitting any of you from now on." Elwyn shook his head with a smile that he tried not to show.

"Awwwww!" Lilly cried in protest. "But I like Donovan! He gives us what ever we want!"

"That's not very good either, and you are all too young to be learning to manipulate people." Elwyn told her in a stern voice.

"Actually even babies manipulate people." Morragon said sagely.

Lilly and Bella nodded together and Elwyn sighed heavily. "Why did I have to have smart kids?"

The three giggled and he sighed again. The line had grown shorted as they had talked and they were quickly coming closer to 'Santa'. The people around them seemed unwilling to get too close, and they were all happy with that. Bella dropped out of his arms and took his left hand; Lilly took his other hand at almost the same time. Morragon seemed comfortable to remain behind them but moved a little closer to her father. When they were the third family in line a man in green tights and matching green tunic walked up smiling.

"How's every one doing today!?" He asked in a chipper voice.

The gathering of people replied with mumbled responses. He seemed unconcerned with their lack of effort and began handing out candy canes. The children eagerly took them. Even Elwyn's three girls willingly came forward to take their own cut of the candy.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?" Elwyn asked him as the young man arrived at his side.

"I'm one of Santa's elves!" He said in an endlessly happy voice.

Elwyn's face instantly tightened in rage and he looked over the ridiculously dressed man. Both Lilly and Bella dropped his hands. The girls looked up at him more curiously than fearful of his fury.

"Do you even know what an elf is?" Elwyn hissed to the evidently oblivious man.

"Yeah, short little guys with pointy ears and shoes that help make toys for Santa!" He replied with a huge grin.

The girls collectively flinched and Bella said. "Stupid human."

Elwyn's fist lashed out landing hard and fast squarely in the middle of the grinning man's face. He didn't have time to even begin to react to the moment and instantly fell back screaming in pain as his face exploded into blood. Children and parents cried out in shock and scrambled away from the crying man. Elwyn's girls however remained by his side, their faces unsurprised. Bella was even smiled broadly, looking almost proud.

"I hate humans." Elwyn said taking his daughters hands and walking away with them.

Morragon trailed after and said. "Why did you get so mad? You're not an elf, you're a Sidhe."

"Elves are like my cousins, and people often call Sidhe elves. So that little bastard was insulting my entire race." Elwyn said sharply.

"I think you broke his face." Lilly remarked, staring over her shoulder at the thrashing man who was by then being attended to by mall security.

"I know I broke his face." He said.

"Where are we going now?" Lilly asked turning back to him.

"Home. Humans are bad enough normally but they get so much worse around Christmas." He growled softly. "I hate Christmas."

"All I like about it is the food and presents." Bella said hurrying along side her father.

"Me too." Echoed her sisters as they left the mall behind.