Chapter 1 - Keja's Decision

As the sun set in the west, Delvar led his captive, Elia, deep into the woods, snarling as he went. He knew something had gone wrong, horribly so, and his only objective was to get back to camp, as soon as he could, with the prisoner.

Elia, not at all comfortable being dragged along behind him, looked behind herself, hoping to see a glimpse of Keja, hoping that he would come for her. She simply sighed, shaking her head and turning back to face forward, tripping more then once on a tree root, which only got a sharper tug from Delvar. "Hey, would you watch it! I am a living being you know." She said sharply to him.

In reply, Delvar simply growled at her, tugging even harder on the rope. "Will you hush up back there, or do I have to bound your mouth to keep you quiet!" And he gave another rough tug on the rope, tripping her on yet another tree root.

Minutes past as they walked on and on, the sound of talking becoming ever clearer in the distance, the smell of something cooking on a fire drifted to their noses. "Almost there." Delvar said, walking even faster then before, tugging poor Elia along for the ride.

A few more minutes pass before they enter the encampment, Elia in complete misery and Delvar finally glad to be back with his fellow men. "Take her to the prison tent," he ordered one man, handing the rope over to the one that walked up to him, "And post a guard around her, no one enters but me, Understood." He said sharply.

"Yes sir," The soldier replied, saluting him, "Where is the commander?"


The soldier let out a gasp, before straightening himself up. "How did he die?"

"How do you think, that renegade killed him! Now, get to your duties, we pack up camp within the hour and head for Hollow." The soldier saluted once more and ran off, dragging poor Elia along with him. Delvar snarled once more before walking deeper into the camp, entering a tent and closing the flaps.

Keja sighed once, sitting in a chair in his room. "Where are you now Elia. I should never have left your side." He shook his head and stood, finishing packing his things, making sure his sword was securely at his side, and a dagger hidden in his boot. "I'm coming, Elia, and nothing, not even the Dragon Lord Vathos himself could stop me." He gathered up his things and went to the door, stopping before he opened it and looked around the room, making sure he didn't leave anything before heading down the stairs.

The common room of the Inn was relatively empty of any people, save for a few barmaids, the owner, Grine, and a few people on a break. "Good morning to you, good Keja, I hope you slept well." Grine said. Keja just nodded, walking over to him and handing the room keys to him.

"Is my horse ready?"

"Aye, almost, the stable boy is fixing to put his saddle on as we speak. Will you be eating here today?"

"No, I have a trail to pick up, my provisions will suffice for now"

"Very well to you, Keja, and may Goldnar protect you in your endeavor."

He nodded and walked outside, at the same time the stable boy brought his horse around to the front of the Inn. "Thank you young man." And he reached into a deep pocket, producing two gold coins, handing them over to the boy.

"Thank ya sir." The boy said, eyes wide.

He patted the boy on his head as the boy ran into the Inn. Keja just smiled as widely as possible and climbed on top of his horse, urging it on towards the town gate, and the wilderness where he knew he would find Elia.

Far away from the town of Kash, in a dark, and gloomy gave, their sat a large dragon, swinging his tail from side to side, a large, toothy grin on his elongated snout. "You have failed me, Boga, tell me, why should I let you continue serving me?"

"I simply underestimated him my lord," Boga said, appearing transparent before the dragon. "I simply need to get him on grounds more considerable to me, and then, he will die my lord."

"And what grounds would that be, Boga? You could not even defeat him whilst he was barely awake."

"I have faith, my lord, he can not win all the time, his day will come when he falls, and I want to be the one that breaks him"

The dragon sighed and shook his head, his large eyes closing before the transparent image of Boga. "Very well Boga, I will give you one last chance, if you fail me this time, then you shall have the denizens of hell to deal with, and they are less forgiving then I"

Boga bowed his head before the Dragon. "Yes Lord Vathos, you are much kind." And with that, the dragon opened his eyes, a light shooting straight into the corporeal form of Boga. There came a loud scream as Boga was brought back from the dead, his body coming more solid with each passing minute.

As soon as it had begun, it suddenly stopped, leaving a have dressed Boga on his hands and knees in front of the dragon. "Now, Boga, go the armory at the base of this mountain, there, you have my permission to obtain some weaponry." Lord Vathos hissed.

"Yes, my Lord." He replied, slowly standing on his feet and turning towards the exit of the cave.

"Oh, and Boga."

"Yes my lord." He said, turning around.

"Don't fail me again," Boga nodded and left the cave. "This one is becoming a nuisance to me." He said as another form materialized by the dragon. "If Boga should fail, Hilka, then it will be up to you to finish this, renegade nephew of mine off." Hilka nodded curtly to Vathos, turning towards the back of the cave and walking off. "Soon, Keja, you will be dead, and the last of my renegade family shall come to an end, and I shall rule." He laughed to himself before laying his down on his treasure trove, falling into a deep sleep.

Keja rode off into the woods as the sun was setting behind him, thinking of the words that Boga said to him before he died. "What did he mean," He said to himself, "Vathos, alive? But my father said that Vathos was slain by my grandfather, was it all just a lie?" He shook his head, mentally coming to the conclusion that, if indeed it was a lie, then he meant to fix it, but, how does one combat a dragon who is far more powerful then all the others combined. He shook his head again, putting his mind on more important things, like finding Elia. What if they already killed her? He thought to himself as he rode on. I mean, when I looked into Boga's mind, it told me that she was still alive, but, that was about almost five hours ago. He shrugged it off, finding a clearing in the woods and climbing off his horse. "I'm coming Elia, not long now." He told himself as he set up a small camp.

Keja was sitting on a rock a few hours later, looking up at the sky as he bit into a piece of rabbit he had slain. "How different the stars look here, if I were home again." He sighed off the rest of the sentence and looked down at his fire, then to his horse. Finally, finishing his meal, he stood up and walked to his bedroll, slipping into it, with his sword close at hand. He slowly drifted off into a restless slumber, tormented by his thoughts.

Delvar and his army were on the move once more, having packed up all their things and headed out as soon as possible, looking to get to the small town of Hollow, deep within Vathos' realm. "Alright men, lets move, we must report back to Vathos quickly," Delvar yelled above the noise. "And until we get there, I will be in command."

The soldiers around him nodded and gave a hearty shout to Delvar, all saluting him before turning to the trail and heading towards the town, far off in the distance. Delvar turned to another Wolf Rider. "Do you think he will follow us, into Vathos' Domain?"

"There is no way of knowing for certain, Delvar, I mean, he may follow, he is rash, and, getting the prisoner back would be his number one priority." The second Wolf Rider said to him. "And if he does follow, the strong Wolf Rider's will take him down easily."

Delvar looked at the man skeptically. "He took down our commander, there is no knowing how strong he is, or what powers his sword truly holds." The second Wolf Rider simply nodded to his commander.

"Then, shall we see how things go?"

"Yes, I believe we will"

"And what will we do if he does show up? Do we run, or do we turn and fight him?"

"We fight, of course. He may be strong, but not strong enough for the entire army to take him out." He grinned and moved his Wolf Mount to the front of the procession.

"I hope your right sir," the man said as his commander rode away, "I certainly do not want to lose my life out here." He shook his head and turned his mount to join the other Wolf Rider's.