Take it off I had enough, Rip it away , All the dirt that lies inside and out of me I cannot seem to be able to make it go away.

It's so dark I can hardly see I'm lost Lost, without me, I've lost my minds Too many ups and downs, Just darkness holding me tightly Androgenyous voice Whispering in my ear The rain of loneliness is near But it's just Darkness Holding me tightly.

Blood in his eyes Crying from endless good-byes Look into the mirror Not even a faded reflection Just silent sighs, Look into my eyes But you just cannot see I just mirror your reflection Because my minds are gone At the Hell and Havens' intersection.

No one really understands, I only needed someone to care But no one was ever there, They just stared blindly And said they loved me Woman or man, Girls and even my boyfriend Said they loved me, But none really wanted to be with me.

Nothing to be Nothing to see Just darkness holding me.