Ode to "Sal"
By Lady E

Author's Notes: This was written during eighth grade, when I was more or less obsessed with someone at school. Not much poetry, I'll grant you, but putting it down was one way to get him out of my mind.

Beyond the azure curtains of the skies,
Beyond the vast, rushing seas,
Past the green pastures and the rolling hills,
Through the mists of towering trees,
And down the tumbling white waterfalls.
Beyond the farthest reaches of earth,
Beyond time's tight rein,
Your paleness looms,
Clearer than all else.
Not white as a sheet,
Just a soft, delicate white,
Making the inky black of your hair,
And the lush red of your lips
Stand out stronger than ever.
Ethereal you seem
And so mystical,
Pale and flickering,
As though the slightest touch from me
Would scatter you and you'd flutter away on the wind,
Like a dream.
And yet,
Your voice is so springy and full of life,
Your smile-a silent laughter that touches my heart.
One glance form you
Sends me spinning into disarray.
One word from you
Sets my blood on fire,
A warm, tingly fire.
To know you is to know the world,
And all that is within it,
For without you,
Life would not have the same sweetness.

Thanks for reading!