By Lady E

Author's Notes: I don't suppose this one is very good, but I'm not much of a poet. This was something that came into mind one day when someone asked what I was like in 6th grade. I definitely wasn't the "popular" type. Enjoy!

I stand on the side,
Watching crowds of people walk by me.
Not a glance in my direction.
Talk and laughter resonate all around.
Only I am excluded.
I sit at the lunch table,
Listening to the chatter around me.
Not a word spoken to me.
I sit alone.
I pretend that I do not care,
That it doesn't matter if I'm alone.
I smile and keep a calm expression,
Pretending that I am satisfied,
That I do not need anyone,
But I cannot keep my mask on much longer.
My eyes begin to betray me,
Revealing hurt and loneliness
And other emotions that were once boxed in,
Kept under lock and key.
My smile becomes mechanical,
There is nothing for me to smile about.
Within me, it all swells up,
I am tired of being forgotten.

Thanks for reading!