I Come Crawling Back To You
By Lady E

Author's Notes: Sorry about all that html junk that has been blocking the words. I've changed this into text format. Thanks to all the reviewers!

I left Your warm embrace
To face the world's darkest, cruelest ways.
I thought I was strong enough to handle,
I thought I could defeat it all,
But I was wrong
And darkness overwhelmed me.
So broken and bleeding,
I come crawling back to You.

Soaked with tears and pain,
Surrounded by the shattered pieces of my heart,
Having lost everything,
I come crawling back to You.

My heart torn and bruised,
My soul drowning in sin,
My mind painfully aware,
I come crawling back to You.

Oh Lord, now I see the truth.
How could I have ever compared
Satan's lies and plots
To Your eternal love and beauty?
All I've ever needed, Lord,
Was to be in Your embrace.
So humble and hopeful,
I come crawling back to You.

Thanks for reading!