(Ahem, to the tune of Jingle Bells...)


Hell's Bells ring

Hell's Bells ring

You are being called

When the Reaper comes for you

Demise will not be stalled, Oh!

Satan craves for you

Your pleas will be in vain

Your death is long past due

Eternal comes the pain! Ow ee ah!

So when you hear those chimes

Your finale is now planned

You will know it is your time

To drift among the damned! Oh!

Hell's Bells ring

Hell's Bells ring

Doom is creeping near

You will scream and you will weep

His domain is filled with drear! Oh!

His demons are unleashed

With mercy gone and dead

Your flesh will be a feast

You'll wish you'd stayed in bed! Tee hee hee

Their shrieks are getting louder,

Your summon has approached

Trust me now, you aren't a doubter

As your soul is being poached! Oh!

Hell's Bells ring

Hell's Bells ring

He is not your friend

Flames will soon engulf your soul

Death is not the end! Oh!

Getting scalded burns

You're tormented 'til you sob

Evil souls just won't learn,

Torture is his job! Mwah ha ha

Rooms are filled with fire,

Making spirits dark,

Consequences will be dire

If God gives you bad marks! Oh!

Hell's Bells ring

Hell's Bells ring

Your life is now ensnared

Lucifer will drag you down;

Black hearts will not be spared! Oh!