Ah the smells, the wind, the rain and the coolness of the night air of the sea. These were the main reasons I had chosen this city as my new home as it reminded me of the life that I had once lived many years ago. But, this city was also a prime hunting ground for us with its many rock bands, drug industries and other underground worlds giving us a rather fine selection of prey.

The city that I speak of is the Emerald City, Seattle, in the most powerful country on this planet, the United States. The city drew me to it through it being in a place with many natural forests along with beaches and surrounded by water and massive numbers of ports reminding me of my native country of Norway and my family that perished in front of my eyes at the hand of my eternal enemy. Which is another reason for the mention of prey selection.

The reason that I have mentioned the selection of prey in the first paragraph is that I need blood to survive and this city is a breeding ground for those of my kind, old and young, strong and weak, along with a delightful selection of humans. That's right I am a vampire, a member of the species Homonus Nocturna. Do not worry though I am very selective of my victims and prey primarily on the strong ones of my race since their blood will allow my strength to increase and quicken my evolution a bit.

You might be thinking as of now why does a vampire evolve. Well I shall tell you a brief history of my kind before going into the annals of my memory to tell you my life story.

About six thousand years ago a human by the name of Kahn, whom we call Master, was exiled for crimes that he mentions to none of us no matter what the reason. All we know is that ten years after his exile Kahn appeared at the temple of his home where he was exiled from with 24 men. The elders of the temple could see that he had changed greatly and passed these same powers onto the men he had under his control. These abilities gave Kahn and his men a massive advantage on the soldiers and slaughtered them in a matter of minutes with their gifts.

These gifts that were granted to the Master and his men were enhanced physical abilities which included speed, strength, reflexes, and the senses, yet we never became sensitive to the sun and the only means of death are fire and decapitation. These gifts had a price however of needing blood to restore us to our original state of power. Our bodies that they were in and it did not need to be human blood or blood at all but that is the preferred drink of our kind and

The mental gifts however are the typical ones that all people wish to have and associate with many types of vampires. Telekinesis, telepathy, pyrokinesis, mind control and other mental powers are at the disposal of my kind and are very fun when you want to get people away from you in a hurry or you just feel like scaring someone.

But the greatest yet worst gifts are the physical changes.

The greatest changes did occur to the body than with those of the mind. These increases in strength, reflexes, speed and stamina are the most precious to us as they allow us to escape from those humans who seek to destroy or if we hope to catch a particularly difficult meal whether it be human or vampire. However we must always maintain extreme caution when using our gifts so as not to hurt anyone but those we had targeted for prey.

I see that I am getting off track so I shall now tell you why I am writing this story. My life in this time has been one of extreme secrecy. I have had to be very careful to hide myself from those who can and would destroy me if they had the chance. I am also afraid of being alone. I have been alone for nearly a millennium. That is how long my wife and children have been dead. One thousand years since I saw them murdered. One thousand years of drifting from place to place draining the blood of the strongest vampires I could defeat, while keeping the appearance of a respectable man. Those one thousand years were well spent but all of this secrecy has finally driven me mad. I have decided to tell my story. It is long and before I begin I think that you all would like to hear a bit about why I have decided to write this tale.

These modern times have caused a stir in me with all of its technology and entertainment trends have caused something inside of me to awaken. I loved all of it. But in order to do all of the things I wanted I needed money. So I began writing and I have made a fortune by working as a writer based on mythological creatures and legends along with books based on ancient civilizations. The information held in these books brought a massive explosion of interest in these areas of study.

So far all my books have done very well and are known for being used as required reading books by many international mythology and ancient civilization teachers. Through my writings I have gained quite a large amount of wealth through these books, although my appearance says otherwise.

I stand about six foot 2 inches and weigh about 230 pounds with an average build that hides immeasurable strength. My hair is not the blonde that is always stereotypically expected from one born of the now ancient Vikings of Norway. No, my hair is mostly brown and wavy with traces of blonde here and there. My eyes are rather interesting. They are hazel like color yet has a tendency to change depending on my mood and attire, which showed me not to be a man of wealth since I wore mostly the clothes from stores like K-mart and JC Penny. But, enough about my looks that is not the purpose of this part of my tale, It is to explain why I'm writing this book.

I had many reasons for walking. One was I felt like it and the other was that I had found a very beautiful woman for my prey.

She stood about 5'7 with shoulder length brown hair that had hints of gold in it. She had a curvaceous figure to her and had a walk that was too confident and stuck up; yet it attracted men and women alike to her. This rearview of her was all I knew about her figure as I always made sure to look inconspicuous when following my prey. And this night I had a special reason to be extra cautious.

I was lucky to find her as it had been months since a strong vampire had passed by me and by the feeling I got from her was a strong invisible wave of power that emitted from her and I could tell that she was at least two millennia old. This was going to be a feast as I was only one thousand years older than she and I hoped she would go down easily since I hate unnecessary force in any situation but if need be I could just break her neck and drink before disposing of her.

After about 10 blocks I followed her down a darkened alley where I assumed was a short cut to her home which is where I made my move. Using my speed I grabbed her by the arms and threw her against the wall. She showed no fear of me, which was a bit of an advantage. She knew what I was but that didn't seem to bother her. Meaning she thought I was just a strong young one who was just born. This gave me a feeling of absolute triumph as I could kill her quickly. Before I did this to her I made sure she wouldn't be missed. It was a stroke of pure luck that she had no family or anyone that would miss her.

We stared at each other for a moment until I reached out cupped her cheek and saw what she looked like for the first time. She had a round face and dark blue eyes that looked like the sky during twilight. Come-hither lips and a full figure that probably helped her get most of her prey, which I found particularly clever.

My physical wants for her were over come by the need for her strength. After a minute I reached out and cupped her face with my hand. The touch shocked her but she soon pressed it to her cheek before placing her lips on mine. She thought to kill me like the others but I was ready for her. As we sat there kissing she began to move her hands slowly down my body. I stopped her just as she reached my belt, which surprised her.

She stared at me with shock and I just said, "Patience, I am a gentlemen." She smirked at me probably thinking she'd get a quick one before killing me. That was her mistake. I pushed her back against the wall and kissed her lips forcefully before kissing her cheek and then to her neck. I hit a sensitive spot and she moaned as I continued sucking on the spot before placing my hand to her mouth biting down on the vein.

She screamed into my hand but I kept drinking. The blood was like the elixir of life. Fire and energy mixed into it, which seemed even stronger with the writhing girl screaming into my hand and flailing her arms in a despicable attempt to escape. Her screams died quickly and I felt her body go limp as I drained the rest of the creature's blood.

When I was done I placed a small drop of her blood over the two holes that I had caused and waited for them to heal before I lifted her in my arms and placed her in the dumpster that was in the alley. I stared at her colorless body and saw for the first time just in absolute clarity. The resemblance between her and my sister was remarkable, from her face down to her toes. She could have been my sister herself. But I had looked into her heart and mind and found none of the compassion or memories that my sister had.

I stared at the drained, pale body and closed her blank eyes and closed the lid. After turning the corner however the smell of smoke filled the night air. And the light of a fire burning away any remains of the events that had just occurred.

That was three nights ago.

Now here I am sitting in my studio apartment in front of a computer with the computer program known as Microsoft word on it typing these pages that will take you into a world that exists yet not in its former glory. A world of beauty, justice, love and a peace that was disturbed only by war, but otherwise peaceful.

The world of the Empire. The Empire of the Immortals that still rules this planet from the shadows yet maintains the old codes of honor that are forgotten by humans.

Now I take you into my past. Into the days of the Viking kings and the ancient gods of the six major continents. A world that can only be told by one who has seen it and lived to tell about it.

This is my story.