Chances Taken

I once wrote you a poem

A little poem, an anonymous 'I love you'

I once wrote you a letter,

A true confession

Of all the things we keep bottled inside

Feelings we decide to no longer hold inside

I sent it to you, that letter, the confession

I was trembling, sick.

What if you rejected it? Totally overlooked it?

But then again, what if you didn't?

What if, in return, you gave the same,

A confession; confession of your own feelings?

I went to school the next day,

Knowing in my heart you'd read it;

Yet not knowing what your response would be.

I remember crying because I didn't know,

Because I was scared.

The bell rang dismissing us to class

But we didn't go.

You came up to me and we sat to talk.

I was at a loss for words.

You looked at me, said my name, and nodded.

I stared in confusion. You brought up the letter.

What? What's he talking about? Yes?!

I couldn't even remember what I had written!

Then, you said it. Yes. We would give it a chance.

I felt my heart melt and new tears sting my eyes.

I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing.

I grinned and said I thought I might cry,

You smiled back. Soon, too soon, we realized I had to go.

I had class. I wanted to stay with you.

Instead, I went to class, happier than I've ever been.

I know now I made the right choice,

Taking a chance. Putting my heart on the line.

As the song says: "Life's a Dance".

I think it's true, we learn as we go.

Take a chance, or else you'll never know.