Why anyone would read this is beyond me. There are things in there that don't make sense (even to me), stanzas that don't match, tones all over the place...Mike, if you review this, you're going to have a field day. It's long, too. Woe.

A Week in Hell

I blew my drink tentatively,
and the steam
blew back up at my eyelashes.
It reminded me of life:

Chemists wafting the secrets of the physical world
so they could catch a whiff of sweet success;

Mother waking me up at ungodly hours so
she could have a good yell before work;

I, unraveling my hair after hours of blind
dancing in the rain to hide my tears;

A simple addition mistake proves
haunting, even at 7 A.M.

The umbrella covers
both you and me;

Shielding us

outside world.

Mother doesn't know,
and neither do the chemists -

What a solitary existence I lead,
what an ultimate disappointment life is;

How the sun shines either too brightly or not at all,
how target practice always starts in my mind and ends

In my heart.

Even a full drop
that has me hitting rock bottom
can yield pebbles of wisdom.

It takes a star
to fully understand
the relationship between
the pebbles

And this museless husk.

What a depressing piece of work. Long, tedious, and boring...has nothing to do with anything, of course. [sigh] [ducks woefully from tomatoes]