This is a x-mas poem I wrote, dedicated to all the people in Shiawase, SKFF, The Mexican Mankin Mailing List, and Luki Dimension. I love you all guys!!!! The poem is not that good, but it was made with my hearth…and it's my first poem too ^___^



Tomorrow is x-mas,

That's why I'm happy,

And writing this poem,

Hope it isn't too crappy

I am at home

Nobody is here

I don't feel alone

Cause I know you are near

To the Mankin Mailing Lists,

Shiawase and Luki too,

Anubis is in his boot camp

And I'm going to get some food

There're some things,

I want to say

If you don't mind,

Listen to them:

You're all great,

I'm writing in ink

Shippo is Kawaii,

Go Shaman King

I better get going

Cause midnight is near

Have a really merry x-mas

And a Happy New Year!!!