Once in a lifetime, once in a dream,
Time never passed and forever always stayed,
Little nymphs frolicking down by the stream,
The sun never set and the stars never fade.

The grass became greener every year still,
The flowers never wilted, the trees never died,
Vegetation covered every single hill,
In plain sight everyone hide.

The oasis rings with laughter all,
The friends sit by water clear,
The trees stand ever so tall,
Whispers tickle ones so dear.

Such innocence as never seen,
No deceit as ever exist,
Such friendliness as always been,
Deceitful sins as can't resist.

To kill one is to kill all,
So lovely yet so weak,
With loss they can't stand tall,
The future looks so bleak.

Innocence can't stay when underwent,
Destroyed it be and never stay,
Too frail to not bend,
That is the way.