Closets are for fat men. And cupboards are for rabbits. ^These^ boxes come down from the ATTTIC. Creaking ceilings, brown cobwebs, and deceptively appealing insulation.

Each tattered cardboard terror-décor. Each home-sewn costume that hasn't fit for years. The treasures spill out onto the dinning table---better than an album's worth of pictures. It's only a pinch of the rubber and slime and chocolate---that will clog our noses---cake our hands.

No waiting under trees. No searching through eggs. We're looting and seducing it out of every house we can reach.

Melting under makeup or molding under masks. Fingertips raw but turned to finger-NAILS. Knuckles white over swords and scythes and pitchforks---and safe sculpting knives too.

Tiny mucus threads of lobotomy---still dangle from even more manic smiles. A beacon. A warning. That little candle's gonna let them breath fire just the same.

There they go, out before sundown to be safe. There goes a fairy princess and a forgettable cartoon.

They'll get theirs. With billowing sheets and smothering clouds of spider web---they'll remember that white doesn't mean 'untouched'. White means UN- DEAD

These dark knights are Gods tonight. Black Cat. Scare Crow. Scream and RUN and run SCREAM. Two treats now because the trick is FREE---Even when your booty drags it's not over till the sun spoils.

All children. Again. Always. Howl up. Cackle across---the near-full moon like a full sorceress breast. Exhibition to the sky's true color.

As The Devil rains. As The Devil HAILS! As The Devil bleeds candy-candy- candy flavored---stage blood on everything---and more than any store could buy.

The lighter markets---gluttony, envy---were waiting very impatiently, disguised as family gatherings. But the parents who help make up and send out their little monsters---know better than an album's worth of pictures.

Closets are for fat men. And cupboards are for rabbits. But even as these boxes go back up to the attic---It's not good-day. It's happy Halloween. It's not good-night.

It's pleasant dreams.