One Marriage, Three Persons


I'm going to be the happiest man in the world. I'd waited for today for such a long time and now my dream comes true. Today I'm getting married with Jean. Sitting in the restaurant, then "Will you marry me?" came out. Those words made me stunned. It was an incredible thing for me since I should be the one to ask not her. I always love her as she always loves her lover, Paul. They both love each other so deeply and no one can tell that she gonna marry me one day. All the time I was the one to love her most. I could do anything if she said. Meanwhile, her love with Paul grew more and more as times went on. Maybe she'd broken up and realized who is the one. I don't know what's exactly going on with them but it sounds right. You see, in the last month or two, she didn't push me out of her life as before. She's asked me to go out with her. She even arranged a fantasy weekend, I always die for, together. Actually our sex life, it's nothing. We slept together many times, (Just sleep together.) And I swear it's nothing. I'd tried many times to get her interested in sex. I'd tried more and more and again yesterday night but she cried herself to sleep. It looks like she feels guilty for it. That's fine. I just wonder if she's not ready why she marry me?


I hate her, absolutely hate that BITCH! She make me love her madly and gone without any explanations. I absolutely hate her but.deep inside I still love her, Jean.

I don't know what's going on with us. I don't know what's drifting us apart. It was my fault or hers, I still don't know. I love her as much as I did and I'm sure she loves me.or loved me. We both dream about being singer. And we tried hard to make our dreams come true. Whenever we failed, we still had each other. Jean always said that I've got a talent and can really be a perfect singer. In fact, it's her, has so many qualities that can overcome many singers. She also had so many perfect chances to make her dream comes true, but she always turned those chances to me. See? How much she loves me? We seemed to be a perfect couple along the times until two months ago. We had a big problem: we were running out of money. I admit that we had financial pain for sometimes but this time it was really hard. I worked harder and harder to keep our life go on. I was nervous. Jean was nervous. We both put our dream behind and work hard. However, it's no sign to show that we can get through it, finally I decided to give up. But it was Jean who helped me. I know this was the worst time of her life. Instead of letting herself down, she made it better. Thanks to her counseled and supported words. With her wisdom I felt really better. Later, we had the greatest sex in our life. The sex that seemed she never let me go. The sex that showed we really belonged to each other, showed I was the man of her heart. I woke up happily in the morning to find that.she's gone. It took me two days to realize that she'd never come back again. I almost became insane. Why? Why? Why? The words repeated in my head like an endless tape. I can't find the answer. Now she's getting marry. Maybe this was the answer. Martin is very rich and all women want is money. Jean is a woman. When I can't serve her what she wants then she left me. Let her. I just wonder how can she leave her dream behind?


Well, before I tell you my story. Let me concentrate for a moment. My life's so confused, so much confused then this story maybe a bit random. First, Paul, I love him, really love him now and forever. He is my everything. We had love, dream and everything together. Although being a singer is my dream, his dream is really more matter. Last two months, we were having the biggest financial pain we'd ever had. There was no way to make our dreams come true have to sacrifice. And I'm the one. When Paul was so depressed that he wanted to give up, I suddenly knew it was time to get marry with Martin. Well, maybe that sounds weird. Why I have to get marry? I'm telling you. Martin loves me for years but I always took my eyes out of him. He can be my good friend but not my lover. His mother become worried about him that he never take his eyes out of me, more and more as time goes on. And this is how the story happened. She offered to give me one million dollars. All I have to do is getting married under condition that one million dollars will lay safely in Paul's account on wedding day. That's a deal. What about Martin? Do I make him a fool? Well, I respect him, admire him but not love, all my love is for Paul. He's really my best friend. Whenever I need help, he does his best for me. And I'm sure if I just tell him, he'll give me the money and this shit won't happen. Well, that sounds about unfair. I feel like I have to do something for him. I exactly know deep in my heart that I can't give all my heart to him but I'll try my best to make him happy. I promise now I'll be a good wife for him and never let him down no matter what.