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* * *

As the brisk morning sun grazed the tops of the mountains in the west, a lone horse stood shivering in the cold. The freezing winter night had exhausted the poor mare. She stood dejectedly, her head lowered and her ill- kept mane tumbling down, half hiding her face. Her shaggy, ragged coat, thick with its winter growth, was still not enough to keep out the biting cold that had come with last night's ice storm.

*Oh, please let him come for me soon. I'm freezing.* she thought anxiously.

She was glad when she soon saw two men coming down the short footpath to her paddock. Her ears perked at thought of good food and a nice warm stable. She hoped, anyway. *Wishes don't always come true.* She swished her tail nervously at the thought.

One of the men approaching she knew. It was her owner, Jed Cunnings. He was tall, thin, and balding. He could be a good owner, at times. But other times, he would go off and get drunk or come in from plowing late and be too tired to care for her. Just the other day, he had company over and left her out in her field all day, and all night. That was when the ice storm hit. She had a kind heart, and never retaliated when he abused her.

The other man, although looked better, felt no better to her when he approached. He was shorter than Jed, but more muscled. He had extremely dark colored hair, and smelled strongly of cologne. He wore a spotless business suit; a white undershirt, with a black tie, pants, and jacket. He seemed to be very wealthy, and acted like it as well. She trotted over to meet them.

Just like usual, Jed clipped a lead rope on her halter and began leading her toward the barn.

"This old nag is the supposedly wonderfully well-bred mare you're trying to sell me?" the man said, disbelievingly.

"She's not an old nag, she's only five. And besides, she only looks like this because she was out to pasture for a few days. She'll look like the ten thousand silver pieces she's worth once she's had a good grooming."

And, indeed, she did look amazing after being groomed, clipped, and bathed. Her coat, which before looked a dull gray, now shone brilliantly white. Her now silky mane cascaded down an elegantly curved neck. Her beautifully shaped head was wonderfully accented by the two shining sapphire orbs that gave a thoughtful, intelligent look to her.

"What is her breed and descent?" asked the man, as he began examining her.

"Her registered name is White as Snow, but I call her Snow Cloud. She's a Naibaran, which isn't very well known. They are extremely hard to find. Legends say that-"

"Yeah, yeah, I asked for her breed name, not its entire origin, Cunnings." The man interrupted.

"Oh, well, I thought you might like to know a little about her origin."

"You thought wrong." the man replied icily.

After thoroughly examining her, the two men haggled on a price for her as they walked out of the barn. *I can't believe they're haggling me like I'm a common mule!* They soon returned, and both seemed in a good mood. There was a little girl with them now. She looked to be about fourteen, but was rather small and thin for her age. She had long, brown hair that was braided into one single thick braid going down to the small of her back. Her tanned skin and dirty appearance made her seem almost boyish.

"Amy, you stupid girl! Hurry up and get that horse, I don't have all day." The man said harshly.

"Yes, Mr. Mason."

The girl took Snow Cloud's lead rope and led her out of the barn. Outside, a large, expensive carriage was waiting for Mr. Mason. Snow Cloud expected to be harnessed in, but she was tied to the back of the carriage. Amy opened the door for Mr. Mason and he climbed in. As soon as he was in, she closed the door and hurried around to the front to sit with the driver, and then they were off.

Snow Cloud did not mind this journey; to her it was rather enjoyable. She got to see the scenery that surrounded them. There were beautiful meadows and huge trees, and many different people to see. The best part was, though, that she would never, ever have to suffer under Mr. Cunnnings again. Even though she did not like the thought that she was now owned by this horrible man, if she was cared for by this intriguing girl, she just might be able to put up with it.

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