© Black Tangled Heart

You see my curls and insult my intelligence

because they shine

Copper-gold beneath fluorescent lights

"Dumb blonde" you sneer, eyes glinting maliciously until you notice

My limp and then your mouth twists vindictively,

You taunt me, sniggering with your followers

Pointing an accusing finger

"Gimp" you spit, laying your cruel gaze upon my

Black top and dark eye makeup

"Goth" the word slithers from your poison tongue

I turn to you, a single fiery

Tear dancing down my burning cheek

My mouth quivers, but your insolent

Proclamation of "Weakling" smothers

My chance at rebuttal

I lower my gaze and walk away, knowing that

The pain of your words will intensify quickly but in

The end, I will emerge victorious, even if for now I am forced to remain

A cracked porcelain doll, with tear-filled vision

And a heavy heart