Dear Journal, 10-01 At last the first day of school! I've waited all summer! I love school; it's so fun! My brother Cory and sister Cayla have already gotten aboard the plane. Cory, Cayla, and I are triplets. The plane is taking us to our boarding school in England. We live in Australia, when we first moved here it was so exciting, now it's just boring! I tried to conjure up some fun but I got caught. In case you didn't know I am a Sorceress. I am in the eighth grade at Madame Palmretès School of Sorcery. Oh no, the plane is about to leave! Got to go! Caylee

Dear Journal, 10-02 I am currently on the plane (still). We make many stops all over the world my best friend Kelly lives in Ireland so she is one of the last stops. The boy I like gets on in the USA (United States of America) he doesn't even know I exist, but he is so cute! He will know who I am later. I am the one of two daughters of the most powerful and feared Sorcerer ever, Charles Rage. My mom calls him Charlie and my siblings and I call him daddy. My full name is Caylee Anne Rage, my sister's name is Cayla Marie Rage, and my brother's is Cory David Rage. We live under the last name of Jaystin- children of the millionaire Charles "Master" Jaystin and Lady Liella. My parents are very often misjudged, but I have to agree when people disrespect them or "Your parents are followers of evil!" Yea right my parents are evil! Caylee