By:Andew Troy Keller

Have you ever had a love-at-first-sight experience at Times Square during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve?
Well,that's what had happened to me.
My name is Larry Hawkins and I'm a colorist for the Marvel Comics Group.
It's not anybody's idea of a dream job,but at least,it pays the bills.
Anyway,on Tuesday,December the 31st,I was finishing puting some colors on Marc Silverstri's raven-haired beauty named Heather Silverfox.
After I was done,I had looked at the hand-drawn beauty,let out a sigh and said,"Believe me,Heather.I just wish that you're as real as I am.Then,I'll show you a real good time."
And after I had blown to Heather a goodbye kiss,I had clocked out and gone home to get ready to go to Times Square.
As soon as I had arrived at Times Square,there were so many people there and they were all shouting 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' before the ball was even droped.
So anyway,while everybody else was yelling and cheering and having a good time,I had looked towards the front of the Macy's department store and saw someone who had looked like Marc Silverstri's creation.
I had made my way over to her,introduced myself and said,"You know,you look like a girl that I happen to know back at the office.Her name is Heather Silverfox."
"How interresting.",said the smiling stranger."You see,my name is Heather Silverfox."
After we had let out a giggle,I had asked her to join me for a glass or two of champangne at a local bar.
And while we were having our taste of champangne,the ball had started to drop and everyone else had started counting down.
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-HAPPY NEW YEAR!
And while they were all cheering for the arrival of the new year,Heather and I had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.
Sometime later,we had returned to my apartment and looked into each other's eyes.
And then,after she had unzipped her dress and I had removed my shirt,it was clear to the both of us that our night of pure erotic pleasure had begun.
After we had removed all our clothes,we had walked into the bedroom and began fondling each other's bare bodies.
The next day,I had woke up and discovered that Heather was no longer in the room.
Suddenly,I had found this note next to the bed:Larry--I'm sorry,but it just won't be possible for me to remain with you in your world.You see,I'm really that girl who was created by Marc Silverstri.I don't know how it had happened myself,but I want you to know that I'll always love you with all of my heart.--Love,Heather.