My friend, Yume, asked me to post this up under my pen name. Please read it.


+Please read and review.+

Flames Will Rise

"This fuckin' sucked. You gotta learn how to fuckin' write, you fuckin' retard. And what the hell is up with the ending? It's kind of cheesy and common. You might as well stop writing since you got no talent. This is crap and shouldn't even be posted up here. And so, in conclusion… you, the story and the plot suck.

Signed: Someone more important than you'll eva be!"

Chosha Akaru stared at the review with shock and hurt. She had put her heart and soul into writing that story, and it wasn't even finished yet. A tear began its journey down her face, curving around her cheek. Slowly, her face contorted into anger, her fist clenching. She growled threw gritted teeth.

"Why that asshole…"

"Akaru, dear! Dinner!"

Akaru broke out of her trance and looked at the door. "Coming, mother!" She looked back at the review. I'm gonna ignore it and post the next chapter. It's better than the first, anyways. It's more focused into the plot and the characters. They'll like this chapter.

She grabbed the mouse and began clicking, typing something every now and then. One last click updated the website, posting the story and allowing it to be visible to all eyes.

"Akaru! Now!"


Akaru shut down her computer and ran down stairs, unaware that someone was already reading the story.

* * *

"Didn't I already tell you it sucked?! Didn't I already tell you to stop writing this crap?! YOU HAVE NO WRITING ABILITY!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING THICK SCULL! Everything about it SUCKS! It's pointless and I'm telling everyone I know NOT TO READ THIS SHIT! TO ANYONE ELSE READING THIS REVIEW, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! IT SUCKS! The plot is choppy, the grammar is shit and the spelling is horrendous!

Signed: Someone more important than you'll eva be!"

Akaru broke down in tears. Why do people have to be so cruel? Her friends had loved the story and had encouraged her to post it up but they didn't tell her about the flamers. The people that criticize other people's pieces of literature. She didn't want to think about the review or the story any more and abruptly shut off the computer. As she reached her bed, she fell forward, landing face first into her pillows. There, she laid, crying.

* * *

As Akaru arrived at school the next morning her friend Nanashi ran up to her. "Hi Akaru!"

"Hey Nanashi."

"Guess what! I reviewed your story! Did you read it yet?"

"Probably not, I kind of gave up on it."

"Already? Why?"

"Somebody flamed my story, BOTH chapters. The same person. He's awful."

Nanashi's face contorted with anger. "What did it say?"

"Horrible stuff. He kept saying it sucked and that I had no talent and stuff. I don't think I'll continue."

"Aww… Ya gotta! Me and Ryo already reviewed it telling you we loved it!"

"I don't know…"
"COME ON! Please!!" She stared at Akaru with sad eyes. Akaru started laughing.

"Fine. FINE! I'll continue it!"
"YAY!!" Nanashi squealed and latched around her friend's neck.


* * *

Akaru turned on the computer, cursing herself for shutting it off the way she had. The third chapter was already typed and ready to be posted. She stared at it, rereading it for about the 30th time. Praying it was better than the first two, she began the process of putting it up onto the site. As she finished, she logged off the internet and began her homework.

Two hours passed before she went back on and wasn't at all surprised to see the new review. Dread was already sinking into her stomach. She already knew it was from him.


Signed: Someone more important than you'll eva be!"

Akaru screamed out in frustration and came to a conclusion. She opened a new document and began writing.

To everyone that are reading my story.

I am sorry to say that I am quitting. I know a lot of you really liked the story but I suppose I am being pushed down by an invisible bully. "Someone more important than you'll eva be!", you got your wish. I am stopping the story.

I am hoping that maybe I'll get the courage to continue writing this someday. I'm sorry.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a great day, everyone.


She reread it and sighed, than posted it.

* * *

Two days later she logged onto the fan fiction site, curious to see if he had returned.

"It's about time you gave up you stupid hore. I'm glad you see it my way.

Signed: Someone more important than you'll eva be!"

Akura shook her head. He doesn't quit, does he? She scrolled down the list of reviews, surprised the amount of people that wanted her to continue, but one particular review caught her attention.

"Hello Akaru. It was probably by fate I ran by your story when you decided to stop writing. I'm sorry you have decided to do so. The story is unbelievably well written and the plot is amazing. There are very minimal grammar and spelling mistakes which any writer could make. It has great potential. I really hope you decide to continue this some day. I know what it feels like to get flamed. It hurts a lot and I too have come close to calling it quits. It's always good to take a break from something you love. Continue to write, just don't post it up on the internet. Share it with friends and family and maybe someday you will return. I hope the flames haven't burned your love of writing forever, Akaru.

Signed: Yume Tenshi"

Akaru smiled, opened a word document and continued writing her story.

The End…

Flames, everyone knows what they are, or will after they read this. The are inappropriate reviews, criticism, opinions that should be kept to themselves. I, Yume, and my friend, Clear Shadow have fallen victim to these and I know others have fallen victim as well. Flames hurt, they tear at the heart and self-esteem of the writer as the reviewer criticizes their story. Yes, I do believe one is entitled to their opinion but should they write stuff that shatter the writer's dreams? Here are some examples.

Flames that Clear Shadow have received:

SO you came back eh? You stupid bitch. They kicked you off for a REASON moron.

-Clear Shadow Sucks ASS

Why do you keep writing such crap you stupid bitch? And you can't even fight your OWN battles? You gotta get you moron firends to do it?

-Clear Shadow STILL sucks ass

These are just horrible. The person attacks her because of something that I and her wrote. She had posted it up on her pen name (after countless failures of trying to get a different pen name to post it on) and she got kicked off FF.net. Now, we wrote the thing for a laugh. We wanted to see how long it would stay up there before getting kicked off. It only lasted 4 in half hours and she received 3 reviews; two flames. We expected that. What we didn't expect was somebody to search for her, to see if she had returned and now he/she is harassing her! As you can see in the reviews above that he/she have sent. I and SharpSnout did defend her after this person sent the first flame. I defended her on the second flame. SharpSnout hasn't read it yet.

The flames I received weren't any better, as you can see below. They may not be as violent as the ones above but they still hurt.

Flames that I have received:

That was stupid. S-t-u-p-i-d. Can't you see that Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi all try to hang onto Ranma and he does not want their attention? Bring them pain? Yeah right, if you hadn't noticed Akane hits Ranma with her huge mallet for the slightest of reasons ( Shampoo glomping him, ect. ).
And Given Akane has the main part in this little song of yours, it totally goes against all logic to make her sing "you bring me pain." Kodachi, Shampoo and Ukyo saying "we've had enough of you?" They have their each and every glomping offense, of which the series is famous for. In other words, your story goes against all logic, which sucks. I know Ranma has hurt Akane's feelings seriously sometimes, but the fact is she is a violent tomboy most of the time.
(The person that wrote this sent me a nicer review for one of my other stories, so I am not posting his name up.)

You know, if I cared at all about Crystal and her friends this would probably be an ok fic, but since I don't...

a little more GW chara story and a little less high school girl chatter please. You and your friends chats may be intersting to you and other high schoolers but there are those of us out here that really don't care. you can set a scene without going into detail about she said and friend 1 said and friend 2 said, ad nauseum... Got it?

(This person signed this too, but I'm not going to put it up.)

I am not writing this to get sympathy, no, that is not what I want. I want them to stop! I know it is probably impossible but please try and help stop the flaming. If you didn't like a story, move on, don't review it. If you liked it but found a lot of errors, don't call them a moron. Explain kindly that you liked the story but you think that they need to fix such and such.

Well, thank you for reading and sorry for taking up your time. I hope you will help.

-Yume Tenshi-