"Evil man!" she muttered as she walked down the path, fuming.  She didn't bother to look were she was going, and was oblivious to the fact that she almost ran into several people. They looked at her oddly, then shrugged and walked on.  She shifted the heavy pack she was carrying to support it better, and finally, reaching her destination; she set down the box and rapped on the door in front of her, her foot tapping impatiently.  Not waiting for an invitation, she opened the door, and walked into the tavern.  The man at the bar looked up, startled at her noisy entrance. 

"Can I –"

"Help me? Yes, you most certainly can, you horrid, horrid man."

                At this point, I walked in from the back room, to catch the rest of the conversation I was listening to behind the door. Half the tavern was, too, but I felt the need to be discreet.  The woman bent over to look the owner in the eye, and with a soft voice dripping of poison, declared, "You slimeball, where is he?  You even had the nerve to leave a note! But I did what the entire dispatch of kings' men couldn't. I've found you! And I want him back!"

                Then she stopped, and peered at the owner a bit closer. "No…no!" She slumped down onto the counter, weeping. 

                "Miss…?" said the owner.

                She stood up, wiping her eyes, and looked down.  "It isn't you. The man I seek is still free. I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused."  She dropped a shining gold rutel on the desk. "I hope this will make up for the disturbance."

                While my greedy master scooped up the gold, I and everyone else in the tavern stared.  She was dressed so poorly…where did she get money like that? 'Stupid girl,' I thought.  'There are those here that will make sure to see if you have any more gold…and you have no one to stop them.  And there are also those that will think you a thief.' I sighed, and turned back to my work.  Odd one, that is. It's her own fault if anything happens to her.

                But like always, my conscience got the better of me. I went to grab her arm as she left the tavern, and before I had the chance, she had one hand holding my head, and a small dagger at my throat.

                "Woah!" I held up my hands.  "No harm meant!"  'This one obviously doesn't need protection.' She released me, but didn't sheath her dagger, and eyed me warily.

                I stared, mystified at so strange a person. "What…What's your name?"

                She turned, and started to walk away.

                "Well, that was rude."

                Still walking, she muttered ruefully, "I am…the Seeker."