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"Aunt Liad, tell us a tale."

"You know that it is forbidden by my craft, my children"

"Then tell of us the heroes yet to come."

"Surely that will not tangle the ties."

"Yes Auntie, the winter is long and needlework grows wearisome."

"We shall swear to repeat it to none."

"What's the use when you shan't remember it?"

"What do you mean, Auntie? Surely we shall remember anything you tell us in such a dreary time!"

"You shan't because you shan't be allowed to! The High Power won't allow it."

"Tell us anyway that we might waste some of the time that abounds during the deep snows."

"If you insist, my children."

"We do!"

"Very well, sit now and I will begin."

She closed her eyes, her wrinkled face crinkling as she concentrated.

"I glimpse mist now, however it is slowly clearing. Cat eyes stare into me. They are colder than ice. Hair resembling bruises in color falls around the face. This must surely be a demon-some sort of devil! I can't bear to gaze upon it any longer! Yet, I must, as the vision shan't withdraw from me. I should not have done this! Another demon beside the other, its green eyes even brighter. It laughs at my foolishness as the mist slowly conceals them again."



"I pray to the Goddess that the spirits shan't follow you back!"

"That's not how it works, dearest. It is strange, though. The mist is revealing something else. A cat who is at the same time a girl. She runs through the woods. Ahead of her awaits a magic-bearer. Farther ahead lies a test of fire."

"Oh my!"

"How terrible! These visions are naught but ominous portents!"

"The mist draws in again. The divination isn't over yet, I fear. I see a power hungry girl and a boy who aids her. All is not as it seems, though. After them all else is black." She didn't give them time to enter their useless exclamations this time. "A girl gives up her humanity for her sister. Together they are strong; alone only one may survive. They mustn't part. More mist. I hate it. It tries to draw me into it. It is death to allow that. I'm much too old for this!"

"Tell us more of the people," the youngest whispered.

"Werewolves in a human world. One bitter, one not.  Both in terrible danger. Others of their kind chase them- they are so close! Yea, the mist hides the outcome from my old eyes. I cannot understand the pattern of this! An Elfin princess betrothed to one she does not love now enters. Hair like fire trails behind her! Her own past endangers not only her mind but her magic as well. No! I must know their fates! Yet, the cursed haze has come again."

"Auntie, this is all so sad."

"Is this past, present or future?"

"Time mixes together here, dearest. It is not for me to decide. Two beings that are not human break the mist. It shies away from them. One dines on blood while the other relishes revenge. I cannot stand to watch this! Together they are chaos!"

"You shouldn't overburden yourself, Auntie."

"Yes, perhaps a rest is in order-"

"No! The visions shall come as they will. There is no way to stop them. More vile creatures enter the scene with a halfling, but the scene grows faint. They are not important to this. A girl with eyes of emeralds appears. She is heir to a name that strikes fear in many. She carries her power on her wrist, but has yet to acknowledge it. She fades and is replaced by a girl with power over the weather who stands with her brother. They both face long journeys in the future even as the girl tries to spare her brother by giving him up."

"Auntie, you look so pale. Please stop before you do yourself mischief!"

"I shan't stop, nor could I even if I so wished. A silver colored wolf appears, chasing the others away. She protects me from their voices. I only wish I could help her in what she shall have to do. Farewell young one! A blood drinker appears. She is so cold that those who see her often tremble. She drinks only from animals, though. That is why I can see her. The others are almost hidden from my eyes by their dark magic. If only I could forget those eyes!"

"Auntie. You're shivering! You must stop now!"

"An immortal now, trapped in life without a will to live. Blood everywhere! Surely she is dead, but still she walks! She fades as she embraces another. All I can see now is a shadow. Behind it wind blows, the earth quakes, and waters scream. Fires sizzle, and light struggles to shine through. Through it all, the shadow stands. Slowly, it fades." The woman was gasping for breath now, but her eyes were still closed. The vision was not over yet.

"Auntie, I beg you-"

"The hunter becomes the hunted as a girl changes sides. Nothing more is revealed for she has dark magic radiating from her strongly. A…a power sends visions to an old woman even though she knows it is a death sentence for the woman. She lacks the gift of vision. She hopes to gain it by the woman's death," the woman gasped. "Soon she shall see all and know all. Children, you mustn't anger her!" The woman gasped, and a strange rattling issued from her throat. "It isn't her fault she is the destroyer of all." The woman gasped with her last breath.

Suddenly everyone seemed to snap out of their trance-like state.

"John, get the doctor!"

"Is she dead?"

"Goddess, no!"

"She can't be!"

Outside of the window stood a girl with nearly white skin. She smiled in a satisfied manner. The youngest girl looked out and caught her eye. She returned her smirk. Her cheeks were flushed with happiness. The old woman had been incredibly stupid when she let someone she didn't know into her house. The girl walked around the group huddled around the dead woman, not drawing any attention to herself. She opened the door and slipped out into the night. The pale girl who was called Kali walked toward her and extended her hand. The girl took it happily.

"What shall we do now, Goddess?" she asked cheerfully.

"What do you think, Ivy?" Kali asked.

The girl thought for a moment. "I think we should get more," she finally answered, looking pleased with herself.

"More what?" Kali asked tranquilly.

"Power," the girl answered grinning like a cat. Kali smiled, making her face light up in a way one wouldn't have believed possible.

"Power," Kali repeated, savoring the word, "I like the way you think, Ivy."

The girl smiled happily and gazed at the goddess with something akin to hero-worship. They headed west, toward the next town.

In the morning no one remembered what the old woman had been doing when she died, nor anything she had said. Few of them even remembered the little girl with the golden hair who they'd sheltered, and those who did believed it to be a dream.

The End