Note from Shadow: Yes, another ficlet lies before you. This is the sequel to Tell us a Tale, which is part of the series I have yet to find a good name for. Any suggestions?? Well, on with the ficlet!

I am Omolara. Time has come to mean nothing to me. I am not born yet in the sense that people use the word, but I am here. I see all. I hear all. I shall be born when the time is right, but even I cannot see what will happen then. Things blur as soon as the destroyer comes into the scene and nothing is certain again.

Past, present, future, they all melt into one for me. The colors are muted by time. I see the death and pain along with the births and joys. It means nothing to me in this state. I have never known true life, so how should I know what death truly means? That is one of the few things blocked from me by the higher powers- if there are higher powers. I sometimes wonder if it is only my own mind that hides such things from me. I don't know. My own state of being forbids my knowing. I am always now, no matter how much time has passed for the people who flow with time.

It won't always be this way, though. That much is clear to me. The day will come when I am called upon to do something great. It matters not whether the world perceives it as good or bad. It shall be great. I shall never be trapped here again. I call it the timeless place. Many would call it hell. Just as people watch ants in the sand I watch people. The only difference is that most people don't want to live with the ants. I would do anything to flow with time.

My time shall come, though. The higher ones can't hold me here forever whether they are outside of me or in my own head. I feel it growing closer. For the first time I feel what it is like to have something looming on the horizon of events. It can only be one thing. The destroyer has begun her reign of terror. The only unknown thing is which side I am being called to fight with, for that is what I will be doing. I shall fight until I win or die. I won't give up.

"Omolara!" I hear the cry with joy and feel myself become more than mist for the first time. I can feel the pull of time as well. It is sweeter than anything I have ever felt. I am now whole in front of the one who called me. She is pale. The power radiates from her like lightning.

"Omolara," she says in a way that soothes away all of the pain I have felt in the timeless place as I watched people grow, love, and die but was never able to participate myself.

"Destroyer," I reply bowing. Next to her stands a small girl. She has hair of gold and eyes filled with the goddess's plans. I can feel the timeless place in both of them, just as it is in myself. It no longer imprisons us, though. The Destroyer has made that quite clear in her speech and in the way she has called me from that place which I now know for a surety was a type of cruel hell.

"You shall call me Kali, for we are sisters," she answers me. I smile. Now I know for a surety which side I am destined to join. I no longer even wonder what the world will think of my acts. It matters not, for they are appointed to die by our hands. "This is Ivy. She is also our sister. Together we are unstoppable."

I agree. Together we hold more power than any mortal could imagine. We hold more power than even I imagined in the timeless place, which was my hell. Our next task is clear to me without words. We must destroy the timeless place and set our brothers and sisters free so that they may join us. It is becoming dark. I look to Kali, my sister, to see what to do.

She takes a needle out of a bag sitting at her feet. Her pale skin glows in the moonlight. Her skin is perfection, not a seam or blemish may be seen. I realize then that I have never seen my own face. In the timeless place there were no mirrors. There weren't any ponds or water for that matter.

As if sensing my curiosity she stops what she is doing and comes to me with a small mirror in her hand. She pulls my hair back from my face and stands behind me.

"Look," she commands as she holds the mirror in front of me. My skin is dark, as if I have been standing under the sun for days. It is not unpleasant, though. Tattoos the color of blood cover my face with strange patterns. I don't find it alarming, only sad that the hell of the timeless place has caused me to forget what they mean. My hair is a color that I have learned is called purple. I know that it is not a normal color for humans, but I long ago realized that I am nothing like a human no matter how much I sympathize with them. The eyes that stare back at me are the gray-green of the stormy ocean. A tear escapes my eye as I realize what they have kept from me for so long. My identity. My sister embraces me, and I know that she can feel my pain.

"I hate them," I whisper.

"I hate them as well. Together, though, we shall destroy them. You must be strong, sister."


She brings the needle out again and pricks her pale finger with it. A single drop of red blood lies in wait on her fingertip. She takes my finger and gently pricks it. I feel no pain from it. She presses our fingers together, binding us together with blood.

"Eternity," we whisper simultaneously. The dawn breaks as we say this. Time passes so quickly here.

"Let us go free our brothers and sisters," I say. Kali smiles and I feel a matching smile creep onto my face. Ivy smiles as well. Three of the sisters are reunited.

"Where should we go now?" Kali asks.

Ivy thinks for a moment. "I think we should get more," she finally answers, looking pleased with herself.

"More what?" Kali asks tranquilly.

"Power," the girl answers grinning like a cat. Kali smiles.

"Power," I repeat savoring the word.

"I like the way you think, sister," Kali says.

The girl smiles happily and gazes at our sister with something resembling hero-worship.

"Which direction should we go?" I ask.

"West," Ivy breathes. West, for some reason it just sounds right.

So we headed west, away from the town of Gilandra, which used to be known for its powerfully charmed mirror. Now, the mirror is only dust under our feet and the town is ruins around us. My sister went through a lot to free me from my hell, but I intend to repay her soon

The End