Chapter 24: Future IS Like A Dream (Conclusion)

A rather quiet but annoying bubbling sound was occurring right beside his ears as he twitched his eyeballs behind the lowered eyelids. He tried to see, but he couldn't. He tried to breathe through his nostrils but it proved futile. A tube, however, ran down his throat to transfer fresh oxygen into his small and still developing lungs. He felt as if his body had being curled up into a ball. What was going on?

"Signs are stable. Raise the container fluid to thirty-eight degrees."

A voice emitted within the darkness. A voice... that sounded familiar. Whose was it?

"Sir, Bio Lab technicians are coming in this afternoon to do a general maintenance. We are to clear out of the complex at one four."

"Gotcha. How are the chromosomes coming along?" the original voice gave out inquiries. "And how about the development of the cerebrum?"

"Everything's going accordingly. The chromosomes are splitting rapidly and the brain surface area is increasing."

More voices... He was confused. Where was he? What was he doing in here?

Then, some of it came back. The journey among the stars. The meeting of a blue alien whose face he had already forgotten. The beautiful girl that... he... Ugh! He couldn't think properly! Why was the image so bleary?

"It's still amazing, really, doctor."


"Quite a while ago, Unit One was still in the REM Sleep. The stage where dreams and visions appear within the frontal lobe of the brain. Now, his neural activities are picking up speed. We can say that he's semi awake."

"Really? Beautiful. Soon, he'll be complete."

He remembered hearing the doctor's voice somewhere. But what was the name again? And what was his name? Unit One? That was awfully familiar.

"Jason," a female suddenly appeared within the room, he guessed. "The President is asking about the Beacon Project. He is questioning the date of completion."

"The Beacon Project? Ah! You mean Unit One. Tell him that it will be done in about another month," Jason replied.

Jason... Jason... He gotta remember it!

"It's really a wonder the President still doesn't know that the Project is about creating the first psychic weapon in the history. He still thinks that it is about the orbital satellites," the woman giggled as her footsteps slowly faded. She was probably out of the room.

The doctor sighed as he continued to communicate with his teammates. The confused creature floated within the thick fluid of whatever he was in right now as he tried to recall the image, the vision, the dream that he had a while ago.

"Robert, can you show us what Unit One is dreaming right now? It might be interesting to see what he's seeing in his mind," Jason suggested.

He wanted to see! He wanted to see! He needed to know what was going on! He tried opening his eyes again. No luck.

"I can only show several sections of his apparition. Our technology is still not that advanced, if you get what I mean."

"Blah, show those then."

The area went silent as he strained to hear. Finally, the creature gave up. They had been quiet for far too long. He focused all of his concentration into bringing back the wild dream that he had. It was... terrifying even though he couldn't reminisce clearly.

"Oh my god..." One of the males said slowly within the oblivion. "Is that what I think it is?"

"I don't believe this... Why is Unit One having a reverie of that?"

What was it? What was it? Tell him! Say it out loud! He needed to remember! He needed to know why he existed! His mind was filled with embroiled thoughts and bits of emotions. Everything was so... empty. So... blank!

"He... destroyed... Earth?" Jason muttered with consternation. "Jake... He..."

Suddenly, everything came flooding back into his brain with the mentioning of his name. He could now understand wholly. He was an alien that humans had created for their own benefits. He had lost Afren, his love. He had lost Wriik, his best pal and the only one that could truly understand him.

"Doctor! Unit One's heartbeats has just rocketed!" One of the men shouted as alarms sounded.

"Quick! Inject him with EH-2! Slow it down!"

Outside the warm, sticky liquid, there was a huge turmoil as people were running all over the place. He could pick up all the noises with his sensitive ears.

So he died in the end in the dream. He didn't care if it was just a dream. He didn't care if it never happened. He didn't care if it was not real. He believed it. He was certain that it would happen. The future within his sleep would happen sooner or later. He would experience pain, experience suffering, and experience plenty of obnoxious events and feelings...

Why did he come into the living world? Why? There was no point of living if you couldn't feel alive. Why not just ended it all right here, right then?

"Oh my god! Jason! His heartbeats... His heartbeats just took a huge nosedive! He's suffocating!"

More voices were shouting while he felt lightheaded. He felt his body began to shut down. He felt his blood began to slow. Rich air was slowly filtering out of his system. He was dying swiftly.

"Give him a Pulse Shock! Now!" His doctor, the physician who he had killed in the future, exclaimed.

He surrounded himself with a weak shield, just barely strong enough to repel the Pulse away from his vital organ.

"I can't! Unit One blocked it! We're losing him!"

"No! It can't be! It can't be!"

A smile stole onto his face as he once again fell into a deep slumber. One that he would never wake up from anymore.

The future was like a dream. He didn't want to face it and he knew that all of the humans within this baneful room didn't want it to happen as well...

He loved her. Afren...

~End Story~

Author: Yay! Finally! It's complete! I was stunned to see that I could keep up all this time of writing this story. Often, I wanted to quit. But with some awesome reviewers leaving beautiful comments, I was able to keep it up! Thank you, guys! :D