© Black Tangled Heart

You cared for me as deeply as I have scarred you

Passion flowing in your veins like blood congealing on torn flesh.

My tongue became a bitter serpent

With hateful words uttered in confusion and frustration

How could you love me? Did one chapped kiss

Send you into a blissful vortex of flower petals and endless laughter?

I still shake my head in amazement and fear, remembering the prose

You crafted for my eyes to behold and cherish

Your soul bled for me; I didn't understand.

Did you see the fear in my eyes when you confessed undying devotion?

I was scared. I never meant to hurt you, I didn't know the impact

Of my words upon your heart

I was only fourteen, naïve, insecure, in doubt of myself and your supposed

Adoration for me, and so I retreated into a shell

Forcing myself to believe that hatred was my reason for shunning you

I was scared

Broken, and you wanted to satiate that gaping void, that eternal emptiness

You saw my pain like no one else and I still forced you into shadows

I was scared, but now I see that real affection is perpetual, like breathing

There is a place for you in my heart, because you removed the thorn in my soul

And filled it with a foreign concept