I never knew how things could be

Things between you and me.

Perfect can't even begin to describe it.

Happiness can't begin to describe my feelings

Not a day has gone by

That I haven't thought of you.

You fill my heart with such a new feeling

A new feeling, a feeling I've never felt before

What is it? Love? Could it be?

Hmm, love? Is that what you feel for me?

I don't know, maybe. Is it possible?

It could be! Oh, the thought..

If you could only feel the same!

I talk to you every day.

On the phone, no less.

I hate talking on the phone! But with you..

With you it's different. I could talk for hours.

We have! Sat up to late hours of the night,

Just talking. About little nothings.


Chris, I don't think you'll ever know

How happy you make me. More than that.

It's like..well, compare it to a rose.

A rose, before it comes into bloom is beautiful.

As was my friendship with you.

Slowly, the rose begins to bloom,

Much as our friendship bloomed.

Before too long, you have a rose.

A single, beautiful rose.

After a while, we had something knew.

We had US. Us, what a wonderful thought.

Us. You and I. I never would have thought it possible.

Now that it is, that it has ..bloomed into being,

I realize it could have been meant all along.

Could it have? Or am I just imagining things?

I can't wait to see how this grows.

How this relationship blossoms.

How we grow - together.

Thanks, Chris.

For giving me the chance to learn what it was;

Truly, what it is; what it can be. Love. Us.