By:Andrew Troy Keller

I was in so much pain,
And yet,so far,I had never complained.
Suddenly,it had to be told.
The agony that had to be behold,
Each and every time I've felt a bit of pain.

However,on a very special day,
Which was known as Thanksgiving Day,
And in spite of my burden,
I had promised the children
To be with them on that day.

Also,at the house,was a doctor,
Whose last name was Proctor.
"Gran'pa?",asked my granddaughter,May.
"Are you o-kay?"
"He is fine.",answered Doctor Proctor.

That Thanksgiving was the best I've ever had,
Which,of course,is rather sad.
Because,it is known to some,
that a certain day will come
When I realize that it was the last Thanksgiving I've ever had.

Well,at least the kids won't ask why,
No matter how hard they try,
Was Thanksgiving not the day their Gran'pa died.