A Teen's Voice
Don't you tell me what to do
You've got no idea how hard it is
Just to be me from day to day
Expectations, aspirations
Commands, demands
All of these poured onto me
Like water off a water fall
Sometimes I think I can't take anymore
And all I wanna do is give up!
But I know if I do that, I'll please the
One person I refuse to please
I struggle on, my burden growing daily
And I want nothing more than to lay it down
But I hang on to it through the years
Knowing it will go away
But all I want is for
Someone to understand how I'm feeling
And to say that it's OK
The world would be a better place
If someone would listen to this teen's voice
And listen to other teens who struggle just as much
Fewer teens would be so angry
And, ultimately, more teens would live through their teens