One Deadly Moment

One mountain,
One lone pretty montain,
Covered with trees so green.

So nice to look Upon,
So pretty to paint.
So deadly at any given
Moment. One Deadly Moment.

The earth below you
Trembles, the mountain
Begins to smoke, then
Before our eyes, the mountain

The blood of the earth,
Spilling out hot and
Deadly, Leaving nothing
In it's wake.

Earths blood spills out
Hot and angry.
Nothing will last, nothing
Will be spared from it's
Hot anger.

This town lies in
Ruins. Everything chared
And black. One tree stump,
One stone step. Very little
Has made it through earths
Blood flow.

The Volcanos are around
Us. Waiting, waiting for
Their time to spew forth.
Some wait thousands of years,
Building up, ready to brust at
A moments notice.
Will you be ready to run?

© Dec. 28,2000 Furry Elf