© Black Tangled Heart

I know honesty will frighten you so I try to not be

As open and careless about what I do

And what I say when I'm with you.

You can't accept the way I am so I just have to change

I have to change to suit your needs.

Every word that escapes my lips has the potential

To make you scared of me, to make you hate me

So I try to be as sweet as you'd like

Even though I wish I could cry in your arms

And tell you what I'm thinking of

I wish you could understand my sorrow

I want you to speak to my fear

And to bring me comfort in my times of need

The sadness that fills my life will be lifted

As long as you're there to listen,

To chase away the demons in my mind

I wish I could be more appealing in all my raw and awkward charm

And I really believe that if you're scared of bitter reality

You shouldn't be with me at all