The carefree days as a child again

As I connect with my spiritual side again I decide to travel back in time and visit a time when I was so happy and carefree of world issues, love, hate and all that which comes with being a teenager. I go back to the time when it was embarrassing to have a crush on another girl in your class or the other class and when everyone would gather round outside after school to see a couple kiss on the cheek. That was like the biggest thing that would happen back in primary school and everyone would talk about it. I remember a time when I was in class and I was learning about the government and how it works. I learned about the upper house and lower house and I remember the green and red chairs, probably because I see them so much on TV anyway. I was siting next to my friends Katelyn, my best friend in year 6 and probably year 5 as well. Life was so great, I would need to worry about things because I was young, I didn't understand emotional pain like I do now. I remember year 5 better than any other year in primary school, and I remember that my teacher was an exchange teacher from the USA. She was from Ohio and she was a cool teacher, probably my favourite. I remember being in class and she would read us a book. I wish I could remember the name of the book because I remember what it was about so clearly and it was a really touching book even if it didn't have much emotion to it. My friends Stuart and Katelyn I would always hang out with one of them at lunchtime and at recess, I would hang out with this guy Mark. He and his friends would bring their game boys and they would be playing pokemon or another game like star wars or warrio land. As I travel around these times I go back to a time when every lunchtime it would be the same sport. Cricket, AFL, or Soccer. I hated joining in. One time I remember when everyone was playing one of those sports, I was with Katelyn and I was showing off my Scottish voice to her and I discovered my Italian accent. I return to year 6 and I remember the disco we had half way through and I remember how much fun it was just being stupid with everyone else. And then I remember singing the song Green Day - Good Riddance at my year 6 graduation. I slowly start to come back to reality where my problems remain, and so begins yet another day in my life as a teenager. Good and bad memories remain from year 6, but now I'm back in the real world, the end. of 2002.