Choices of Love


Feather Fletchette

          She ran through the woods desperately. Running to escape something. Briars and branches snagged at her clothes and hair. Tears brimmed in her eyes. Running was a therapy for her. She could forget everything with the wind blowing in her hair and face and the burning feeling in her lungs and legs.

          Finally, she reached a clearing. The peaceful brook calmed her senses. Exhausted, she collapsed onto a rock sobbing fitfully. 'Why?' she asked herself. 'Aphrodite why?' she pleaded to no one in particular. She finally gained control of herself again and looked at her reflection in the bubbling brook.

          Her face was tired-looking; eyes red from crying. She splashed water onto her face and then plastered on a smile. Her cheery countenance did not match her emotional distress and turmoil inside.

          Inside, she was falling through a black hole, with no way to get out. She felt so empty, betrayed, sad… Lonely as always… The Fates were playing with her heart.

          She didn't know why she felt this way. 'He isn't mine anyway. He doesn't belong to me. Why do I feel so upset?' She got up from her position and began to walk back.

          'She is so beautiful, kind, patient, and skilled. It's no wonder that all the young men in the town are falling for her and her innocent charms. I'm just a plain girl, not fit for much but to be a housemaid.' Visions of her sister flew through her head: blue-black hair, a pale face, shapely body, and intense, vivid aquamarine eyes. *Sigh. Life just isn't fair anymore.

          'All I ever wanted was to lead a simple life. She knew I loved him. Now that her attentions are wavering towards him, all chances for me are gone now!' Her gray eyes began to brim with tears threatening to pour out.

          'But why? I should care if she likes him. I should be happy with my life. I have been promised already, my attentions shouldn't be wavering. I should remain loyal to my betrothed and accept the facts,' she thought conclusively to herself.

          She finally reached her house. She straightened her dress and plastered on a fake smile and walked in to face the music.

Special thanks to: ~SnowAngel~ and SilvaraMaxwell.