blind darryl

darryl sees himself in mirrors when he walks outside-
he sees in small fish, in the dispersion of small ponds,
darryl wanders far and far in the winter when he sees
himself, outside. in mirrors. and then there are ones
who love him quietly. and darryl stands upon the large
stones by the river, and his eyes are open, they are much
like the small fish in the small ponds, that thinly
flap forth(ward), darryl is said to be a large man with
large hands, and eyes like fish-

he goes sometimes this morning, in the gray morning
where the rain is shuttered into black rocks that are the
sky, darryl goes to the big lake behind the black rocks-
in this lake the eutrophic waters sometimes fashion
up to the black sky- sometimes darryl reminds the large
stories of drifting fish that part up(wards) the contagion
of black water, darryl reminds them that they are eyes,
they are large wide eyes in the black water, and they
see the sky-

they wander the sky; and there are ones who love
darryl, when he stands by the rocks or the myopic
freshet of licking stream, darryl sees mirrors in the sky,
the small swimming black fish in the ponds, with
inconsistent parried rain, with
blind darryl beside them blind
darryl with mirrors in his sky
and his black eyes(like fish)