The Day I Lost Her

I woke that morning,

Stretched my arms over my head.

The light shining in my eyes,

I ventured over to your bed.

I gave you a kiss on the forehead.

You didn't stir, just kept sleeping;

I knew then, something was wrong with you.

Upon looking closer, I saw your skin a shade of blue.

Frightened, I shook you,

Tears beginning to sting my eyes, feeling my cheeks going red.

'Wake up! Wake up!' I anxiously said.

Fumbling for the phone,

I quickly called my home.

I cried "Come quick! Something's wrong!"

Dialing 911, telling them I thought you were dead.

'Dead? No, she can't be dead' my heart told my head.

Trying to save you. Compressions, breaths.

Compressions, breaths. Repeatedly.

How I did it, I never knew.

Keeping my strength, I didn't feel like me.

They came, pronounced you gone.

Two hours gone, far from being saved.

Nothing seemed real to me that day.

But still, no tears came.

She's gone? No. No, I denied it. She can't be.

I wanted to scream at them all.

My mind tried to explain to my heart.

But my heart wouldn't accept,

Couldn't bear the thought.

Drowning in sorrow, choking on the pain.

Sitting there surrounded by family, yet completely alone.

Losing the person I loved the most.

It tore me in two, shattered my heart.

Two years later, I've put my life together.

My heart is mending, the pieces slowly rebuilding themselves.

I know life can go on, and I'm never alone.

You were my Angel on Earth, at my side when you could be.

But now, as my Angel in Heaven, you're ALWAYS with me.