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Chapter Seven



Natalie and I walked into the gym together, holding hands. And suddenly…all eyes were on us. Dave and Karen were staring at us incredulously. Connor was grinning teasingly. And practically everyone was watching when I pulled a chair out for Nat and we both sat down and looked into each other's eyes.

But, frankly…

I didn't care!

This was what it was like. This was what life was like when you loved someone so much…and they felt the same. This was special. This was good. This was my night. The night everything started making sense.

After awhile, of course, people got back to their eating and dancing and stuff. And after having some dinner, Natalie and I walked into the middle of the dance floor and danced our hearts out to tunes like Without You (by Silverchair) and Mr. Jones (by Counting Crows). Then the best part came…


I always thought slow dancing was sort of…well…stupid. I mean, all you do is hold the person in your arms and sway back and forth. I guess…I only felt that way because I'd never been loved or held this way. Neither have I loved this way. So much warmth! It was like floating in the air…

When the last slow dance song of the night came on, I'll Be (by Edwin McCaine), I kissed Natalie on the forehead and said, "I love you." And she just snuggled deeper into my arms and held me tight.

The beautiful music sang in my ears:

"I'll be, your crying shoulder, I'll be, love suicide, I'll be better when I'm older, I'll be, the greatest, fan of your life…"

You know that song? Last Night of the World? From Miss Saigon? You know:

"The song, played on a solo saxophone, it's telling me, to hold you tight, and dance, like it's the last night, of the world…"

Well, I sort of felt like that. I honestly didn't want this moment to end. I just wanted to sway to the relaxing notes of I'll Be with the most beautiful, most wonderful girl in the world…



The dance was finally over and I was a little reluctant when we had to turn in. I didn't want to stop dancing with Brian. No matter how sore my feet were, it didn't matter to me. All I wanted was to feel his strong arms around me - gentle and reassuring.

When we finally reached our cabin I changed into my silk pajamas and tucked myself in.

When Brian was finally out of the bathroom himself (I was half-asleep at this point), he hovered around next to me, holding my hand for a few moments.

Finally I said, "Brian, it's late." I squeezed his hand and used what was left of my energy to sit up momentarily, lean over and kiss him lightly on the lips. "Go to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow."

"Okay. I love you." He said, sounding slightly reluctant. Finally he let go of my hand and settled in bed in the bunk under me.

How many times had he said, "I love you" tonight? A LOT. How many times did I say the same thing? NEVER.

The thought made me feel bad. I'd bet anything he hasn't been told "I love you" since his second birthday.

And besides, I did love him! So what was I afraid of?

"Oh, and, Brian?" I said, blinking slightly to keep myself awake. This was suddenly more important than anything in the world.

"Yeah?" he asked sleepily.

"Just wanted to say…if your dad gives you more crap. I'm here. And I want you to stand up for yourself. Okay?" I said. Now that that was put aside I could say the really important part.

"Okay." He said. "G'night. Love you."

"Wait! Before you sleep…there's more." I said quickly, suddenly wide awake. This was very important.

"What?" he said, sounding sleepier by the moment.

"Brian…I really…honestly…" I took a deep breath, "I love you."

There was a slight pause.

Finally Brian said (in that 'I'm-just-kidding-around' tone of his), "Define love."