The Other Place

Forget what you know..., or think you know. As now none of that matters. You think there is only one you that you are one being, well you are wrong there are more than one. You think where you are now is bad. There are murders, robberies, illness and greed. They are but a tiny fragment of the place that runs parallel to you.

"Anson......, Anson!......HEY YOU" Jack shouted as Anson shot out of his bed half naked. "Yes yes I am awake. Geez!" Jack smiled at him and then looked over to the window and pointed out "Look everyone is waiting for us, today is our big day. We are going to be rich filthy rich..." He said rubbing his hands together. "Remind me again...., where are we going and what for? I need to know this to make sure." Anson asked looking like he wanted to go back to bed. "God, today me and you are to go on a long journey to the great temple of Udau and when we get there we are to talk to the high priest Father John. We are to ask him about the two worlds......." Anson butted in "Oh yeah! I remember, you are kidding me, you got me out of bed to take me 50 miles to the middle of no where and talk to some old guy about a myth. Oh yeah and how are we going to get rich?" Jack snapped at Anson "Don't you know anything the town is going to give is a reward if we can do this one talk without messing things up." Jack went back to normal and told Anson that he would meet him at the town gate at sunset. Anson got changed into his gear. Big baggie dark blue jeans with chains coming from them, he was wearing a black long sleeved T-shirt with a short sleeved white shirt. Anson rubbed his eyes still a little tired from getting woke up so early. He then walked over to the far back wall of his house, on it was a shelf with his 1.5 meter silver lined broad sword. He took it by the stilt and sheathed it down his back.

"God why am I doing this? It's all a big fat lie" He said to him self. Anson turned and walked out of the house and the first thing he noticed when he got out was the wind it was fouler than usual, and it was stronger to, he brushed his hand through his hair and he went around the village saying goodbye to his family and friends. Before he knew it the sun was setting and he set out for the town gate. He knew jack was the before he had even arrived he could hear the thump thump of his anxious pacing. "Jack that had better not be you" Anson said laughing as he walked round the corner looking into his eyes "You! You are late" Jack said angrily "Oh come on man I am here so lets just go and get this over with." Jack pulled out a map of the area "Ok, so we will go north through Dark cave, and then it is west through silent forest and then somewhere in there is the temple." Anson burst out laughing "My god that is funny. You sure do god you aren't joking are you? What are you on! The cave is filled with flesh eating beasts and I do not want to know what is in the silent forest......WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS SILENT? Because there is nothing living in there." Jack just looked at him not saying anything, turning and walking out of the town "Well if you are too scared then it looks like I will get rich on my own" Anson looked at him smirking "Fine you win. I needed the training anyway" And so it begins the two adventures set off for the Dark cave, what lies ahead for them?

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