The Ride

Anson was all alone, and a lot rested on his shoulders. His friend's life, his friends at home. Anson didn't want all of this responsibility. It was out of his hands though. He walked down some big bulky rock steps made out of big lumps of the rocks found in their mine. As he walked down they got older and murkier looking, he knew light and people didn't come down here much. When he reached the bottom he could here flowing water, it soothed his mind. It made it easier to walks in the depths. He reached the river; it was like it was glowing. It was probably some kind of mineral washing through from the mine, there was an old but sturdy looking boat tied to a rock. He knew that was going to be the start of all of his problems, he could feel it. Anson clambered into the boat and pulled the rope free. "Oh god... I blame this on you, Jack, when I save you...I am going to kill you." He laughed to him self and then focused on the task in hand. Staying alive on this old boat.

Anson was feeling alone; he was loosing himself in his loneliness. It was consuming him in his world of thought. In his deep trance of thought he failed to spot something moving down the bank, just matching his speed. It was following him. He new he needed to stop thinking these thoughts if he was to stay focused. He slapped him self. "Ouch.." He said slowly. He saw something shift, a cold shudder went down his back and he felt the hairs at the back of his neck stand up. Something was there. "H..hello." He said coldly. "Is anyone there?" The thing was gone before he could say anything. It looked human, but it was cold. He could feel that. Without warning light was surrounding him. It briefly blinded him; he raised his arms to block the suns rays. He was free of the cave. A sudden sigh or relief exited his lips. "Thank god." He sighed. The danger was far from gone though; his sudden relief was misplacing his judgment. It was worse, for the where far more fierce things in these woods.

A sudden rustle could be heard in the bushes. Anson instantly came to his guard, was it the thing form in the cave? Had it been following him all this time? He wanted to, stupidly, take a look. He rowed the boat in the direction of the embankment. He took a slow glance just to make sure there was no immediate danger. The Elder had told him the river was safe, he didn't mention if the banks were. He tied his boat up to a dried tree root, it held sturdy enough. He clambered out peering into the bush, a small shooting sound could be heard, he looked around until he realised he had an arrow in him, it had came from the bush. He stumbled back a little. Slipping on a few tree roots. "Heheh, you fool," Said a cold eerie voice. "So easily tricked. You humans, when will you learn?" Another arrow came form the bush. Slicing through his flesh. He now had one in his upper stomach and his upper right leg. He stumbled once again on a tree root. His foot, this time, was stuck. He fell back a large cracking sound could be heard. He now had a broken ankle to go with it. His vision was going blurry form shock, he saw the figure over him. He couldn't make much out, except that it was a female, and she was holding something. Then sudden movement, a sharp pain could be felt on his head and then nothing.......Was he dead?