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I looked at the girl sitting cross-legged on the bed. "I'll be right back, okay?" I said, walking over to the door.

"Um hmm..." she responded absently, shifting her legs to get more comfortable and flipping a page in the manga she was reading.

"You're a dork," I added after a moment's thought.

"Um hmm..." was her only reply. I walked out of the room, grinning and wondering when she'd realize what I had said.

My name is Heather. I'm a teenage girl with red hair and brown eyes. I lead a fairly average life: read, go to school, hang out with my friends, write, watch anime, and whatever else I feel like doing.

How boring.

Tonight I was staying at Cat's house. She's pretty insane, not to mention hyperactive. She's also one of my best friends.

After I came back from the bathroom and went back into Cat's room, the first thing I noticed was that the room was nearly pitch black. After flipping the light switch a few times, I decided that the bulb must have burnt out. The next thing I noticed was Cat standing in the center of the room, staring out the window. The most logical explanation for that was... well, Cat's not exactly logical anyways. "Cat...? What are you doing?" I asked.

It was that moment that I noticed the full moon right outside the window. That's right, tonight was the night of the blue moon. How could I have forgotten? The moon shone into the room, illuminating Cat and me. Then I felt it. The awful feeling of something that was so horribly wrong that it shouldn't exist in the first place, let alone be close enough to you to be felt.

Cat turned away from the window to look at me, slowly, as if in a trance, and I breathed in sharply. Her form appeared to glow with a pure light, just like the moonshine. It was actually kind of pretty. But shadows danced over the glow, covering bits of it. After a moment or so, a shocking realization hit me.

The shadows were growing. The bits they covered turned into clumps, then into whole sections, until the only part of my friend I could see was her face. Cat's eyes were half closed, and her expression was that of someone who has simply and utterly given up all hope.

Slowly, Cat lifted one shadowed arm and reached out towards me. She whispered, "Heather..." The air behind her, as if triggered by her voice, opened up to reveal a circle of darkness. Cat began to float backwards towards it, and flickers of the darkness reached out to claim her. I could only stare, wide-eyed and afraid. What the hell was happening?


That single word brought me back to reality. "Oh no," I growled. I still didn't know what was going on. All I knew was that Cat was about to disappear into that stuff, and I didn't like that. I reached out towards her and took a few running steps. After a few moments, when I was close enough, I grabbed her hand. Cat was my friend. Maybe someone else would've just sat there and let her go, but not me. I was too stubborn for that.

Suddenly, time seemed to stop. The darkness that had been pulling Cat froze, as if unsure of what do about this sudden change in the situation. Even Cat's eyes widened a bit.

"You can't have her," I snarled at nobody in particular, pulling on Cat's arm. "She's my friend!"

Then pain shot through my body. I screamed for a moment, my body twisting involuntarily, and fell to my knees. Still, I refused to let go, since I seemed to be the only thing stopping that dark stuff from taking Cat away. "I already told you, no!" I yelled, eyes beginning to cloud over from the pain. 'No!' I told myself, strengthening my resolve and focusing on hanging on to my consciousness and to Cat's arm. 'After this is over, then you can faint!'

Then I realized something, and my eyes widened with panic. We weren't standing still anymore. Now both of us were being pulled towards the darkness. Once again I was filed in pain as one of those flickers of dark brushed my arm. I screamed again and again, and the room warped and stretched around me. Then Cat and I plunged into the darkness.

Everything around me was dark. I couldn't see anything. Absolutely nothing. I was scared. The feeling of total sightlessness, even with your eyes open, is horrifying. I screamed, this time more out of fear than the pain. I'd never really minded the dark, unless it got too dark, as in I couldn't even see the shadows around me. But this was the worse fear I'd ever experienced.

I felt Cat's hand being pulled away from me. "No!" I cried, tears falling down my face from the pain, fear, and threat of losing one of my best friends to something I didn't even understand. "No! Stop!" I scrabbled for her arm with my other hand, desperate to keep her right there. But it was futile. Her hand was ripped from my grasp. I reached blindly, feeling the pain of the loss more than I felt the pain that kept shredding my mind, ripping through my body. "Cat! No!"

Just before I lapsed into unconsciousness, I heard her voice resonate around me.