Can't Hold On Forever

So my friend, once again,

You hold in your hand, hope,

So my friend, once again,

When things go bad, you'll mope.

Enjoy this journey on your own,

No one will be there to hold you hand,

Don't take the path's you've been shown,

You're turning into a stubborn young man.

You always think that you are right,

That is how you'll always be,

For this love, you will fight,

Even if this love will never be.

I'll admit, I went too far,

I'll concede, I cared too much,

As if you were drunk at a bar,

I would be your crutch.

This is the only way you'll learn,

I must let go, and let you fly away,

Even if the pain of it burns,

It was bound to happen one of these days.