Title:  Doll
Author:  Malia Sabishisa
Rating:  R *cough*NC17*cough*  Stupid ff.net ;
Warning:  hentai, yaoi (slash, gay dudes, whatever you wanna call it)
Explanation:  Ok, I have no idea where this came from... I just got the idea about an hour ago and I started typing. And when I finished, I had a fic. Some one tell me what you think! I actually like it, which is really unusual. I never like stuff I write. Some one tell me their opinion onegai! BTW, its not Jrock, or anything else, just my own made up people.


I was waiting for him to call me. We did this every Thursday at 4 pm. I'd be waiting at the fire exit for only a few minutes when the window would slide up and a finger would beckon me in, I'd climb in and barely get a peek of him before I was ushered to the bathroom to hide until he called me into his office. I wasn't complaining though. He was the best customer I ever had. I told him my prices and he paid double and wasn't even rough or weird. I'd actually considered getting rid of some of my other customers just to make more room for him. He'd mentioned that he would enjoy us being together more often. Of course that would mean him having to clear the office more often too... Not likely, so I never bothered dumping anyone. He was a typical business man... no wife or kids, but married to his job and his penis. They were the only two things he cared about. He took care of the former, I took care of the latter and he was happy. Me? I got to eat that night and was able to pay a little towards rent for my one room apartment. He never asked why I did this, or what I did with his money... I never told. Even if he had asked, I wouldn't have told. I'm just his customer, his plaything -

"Doll, its ready now," his voice called from the entrance of the bathroom.

I smirked. Yes, more than anything I was his doll. I was anyone's doll who could afford me. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I headed towards him... short blonde hair, black makeup around my almost colorless eyes, clad in fishnet and leather, with collars, studs and spikes anywhere I could fit them.

"Beautiful," he whispered when he saw me. He fingered the fishnet covering my arms, then the top of my leather halter top.... "I almost don't want you naked, Doll."

I smiled.

"Come on, let's go to my office."

I was glad he wasn't going to take me in the bathroom again. The counter hurt my back, but a doll never complains about how he's being treated. He locked the door behind us and for a moment, my heart nearly pounded through my chest...

"You okay, Doll," he asked, waving a hand in my face.

I jumped and almost cried out. Smiling, I nodded. "Just dazed off for a second, Sir. I'm fine."  I noticed he was wearing a black suit... very nice. I wanted him out of it. He was the only customer I had that I was actually attracted to. Short, rather spikey black hair and eyes, an angular face, and the grace of a cat. I wanted to purr just looking at him.

When his hand slipped around my neck, pulling me into one of his hot, fast kisses, I melted into him. Give me your tongue, yes, push it in my mouth... God he tasted good... So clean and warm. I could almost believe I loved him. More, kiss me harder. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled us closer. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.... I moaned before I realized it.

He pulled away smiling and I wanted to kick myself. Loosing control of emotions like that was the biggest mistake I could ever make. I could never love him. He could never love me. That's why he would always call me Doll and I would always call him Sir. Never any real names... because they would never matter.

He was kissing me again, moving his hot lips down to my neck. I didn't remember him taking off my collars... He sucked on the vein there, biting into it and making me moan loudly. I clutched his suit and pushed my throat against him. Bite me harder, I begged silently. But I would never speak it. He played with me how he wanted. His lips left my neck, licking down the leather he'd bunched up, exposing my nipples. I moaned as he suckled them, flicking his tongue over one fast, then nibbling it with his teeth. Harder, I wanted to scream. I pushed against him again, whimpering. He got the message and his teeth sank into my flesh until I cried out loudly. "Yes," I breathed, slipping my hands through his hair.

"Touch yourself for me Doll," he whispered, looking up at me with those black eyes. "I want to see you touch yourself."

I licked my lips, then unbuttoned my pants, lowering the zipper. He sat back slightly, watching eagerly. I slid my hand inside, teasing my flesh until I couldn't resist anymore. His eyes bore holes in me. Yes, watch me, Sir. Let me be your Doll... tell me with your eyes you want me. I moaned as I rubbed myself. His eyes watched my hand, his tongue licking his lips softly. You want it don't you Sir? You want to taste me so much... I want you to taste me, Sir. Watch me do this.. listen to me cry out... Come on, Sir....

I gasped as you shoved my hand away from my body roughly. "Stop, Doll... Sit on the desk."

At least the desk won't hurt my back like the sink in the bathroom. He knelt in front of me, smiling up at me.

"Want me to suck you, Doll? Ask me to do it."

I don't know what to say.... Dolls aren't supposed to do that... Why is he servicing me? I'm confused.

"Do you want me to suck you?"

I nodded. I didn't mean to. I think I lost control again, because the next thing I heard was a shaky voice asking please. Was it me? It must have been because you're lowering your mouth. Oh, god Sir, you can't do this.... I froze when his black eyes looked up at met mine... I lost myself again in those eyes. And then that hot wet warmth covering my cock, sucking hard and greedy. I screamed so loud someone must have heard. He didn't seem to notice and only worked to make me scream again. I think I'm going to cry.... Sir, stop, please... No, don't stop... God, I'm so lost... Those eyes again. He keeps looking at me with those eyes.

I was crying as I came... I don't think he noticed it. I felt him flip me over, and shove inside me. It hurt, but I was already crying. A doll's tears never meant anything anyway. My body jerked as he pounded me from behind. He wasn't being rough, but he had hurt me. Why wasn't he happy just letting me be his doll? Why did he make me look into his eyes, make me ask him to pleasure me, make me want him so much? It wasn't right! I was the doll, nothing else! It hurt so much for him to make me think I could ever be more than that. I sobbed as he came, his warm seed filling my body. Everything about him was warm... I just wanted to melt into him forever... Oh, Sir, I hate it but I love you!! Stop making me love you!!

"You okay Doll?"

That same question. I gather my composure quickly and nod, managing that same old smile. "Same time next Thursday?"

"Yes but... could you make time to come by here Sunday at 8 pm?"

I sighed. I knew you'd want me more than one night a week. I nod again. "Yes, Sir. I'll be at the window waiting for you this Sunday."

He handed me the money... even more than usual. "Thank you Doll..."

I smiled. Don't say that to me Sir... Another tear rolls down my face before I can turn away. I think he saw it, but I head to the fire exit window as fast as I can. Don't care about me, Sir... don't love me. It's impossible.

"Doll, wait please."

I break out into a run to the window. I heard your footsteps behind me. "Doll, don't run, I want to talk to you!"

No, no one talks to me! I'm a doll, Sir! Play with me and leave me be!

"Doll, don't go!"

I'm out the window. God, its cold out here.... my room has no heat. I glance back in the window. You're standing there, looking at me... You want to say something... Sir, don't say it. I turn away. I'll leave before you can say it. Maybe by Sunday you'll realize you're a fool for thinking this.

"Doll!" You're hanging out the window, yelling my name as I climb down the ladder. "Doll, I love you!! Please, don't go!"

My body froze... I looked up at you finally, tears rolling down my face. "I'm only a doll, Sir......" My voice is choked. "It's all I can ever be." I finish climbing down the ladder and run towards my room. You didn't call for me again.... It hurt me that you didn't. I might have gone back to you if you'd called me one more time....


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